Going To A Christening Next Week

by pale.emperor 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • darkspilver

    But is it at Paddy's Wigwam??

  • smiddy

    My first experience in going to a church was when I attended a funeral of my workmate in a Uniting Church of christendom

    The church was packed and the service was respectful as you would expect , however what surprised me was one of the songs that was sung out of two ,was a song of praise using the name Jehovah ,apart from the eulogy ,speakers etc for the deceased.

    So much for christendom hiding Jehovahs name , not making it known.

    The name Jehovah has been around for seven centuries since it was first coined in the 13th century long before Jehovah`s Witnesses came on the scene.in the 20th century.

  • Chook

    Even when I was in I didn't fully believe in the boogeyman effect of Christendom and its churches ,my brother being a catholic priest has introduced me to dozens of good hearted and honest clergymen, I even used to stay at the church residence with my family when I would visit my brother ,the Catholic Church in Kiama Australia has a rockstar view on absolute oceanfront . My brother now is the Australian army chaplain for catholic boys ,he done time in Afghanistan reassuring the boys gods on their side. Some of the best architecture is found in church's, even JW on holidays in Europe visit the cathedrals. As pointed out earlier at least the catholic child baptised can change religions later in life and still have family relationships.

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