Awake #4/2016: Homosexuality

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  • purrpurr
    This article is still telling gay people that in order to be acceptable to God they need to change. I think alot of gays would find this idea to be very offensive.
  • stuckinarut2

    So witnesses say someone can "have homosexual tendencies, but just not act on them" and therefore be ok?

    How does the words attributed to Jesus fit in then where he said "if a man looks with passion, he has already committed adultery in his heart" Even if he doesn't actually act on those passionate thoughts...

    They pick and choose how to apply scriptures...

  • Pistoff

    The article, the video; these are not the only anti-gay diatribes.

    The underlying and most vicious is the agenda for the circuit overseers; effeminate speech (who can quantify that??) and clothing come in for scrutiny.

    The current leaders are borderline insane, and apparently have no one to tell them when they have BAD ideas.

  • Godsendconspirator

    Weird how they say they're against homosexual conduct, not homosexual people themselves. Yet they use the phrase "This is what some of you were". One denotes an action. They should have wrote "This is what some of you DID"

    Sly motherfuckers

  • Xanthippe
    This is totally new to me, that gay men are acceptable in the WTS as long as they don't  practice their sexuality. So do they have to eventually provide evidence that they have 'repented', changed, whatever, by getting married to a woman and having children? It wasn't like this when I left. Gay people were just evil, that's it. The message in the Watchtower was remember what Jehooplah did at Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps some new members don't know about this. More new light sneaked in under the radar.
  • cofty
    This is totally new to me, that gay men are acceptable in the WTS as long as they don't practice their sexuality

    Not to me and I left 20 years ago.

    Maybe it's an American thing.

  • LisaRose

    It's a slight change from years ago when they basically taught that homosexuality was a choice. I remember an Awake or Watchtower article by a former homosexual who claimed he used to enjoy promiscuous sex and that it was the thrill of the forbidden, meaningless sex that was the attraction, it wasn't that he was born gay. He became a JW and was supposedly happily married to a woman at the time the article was written.

    This idea has pretty much been debunked in society, most people even within the organization, know that it is not a choice, so now they are saying that a person might have an inclination to homosexuality, but they can still choose to be celibate. Of course they have a right to believe and teach that, but when you are telling people they must live without sex, intimacy or love with another, then that is not really an acceptable choice to most people.

  • Simon

    For conservative christian groups who attempt to base their beliefs on the bible the WTS position actually at least makes some sense. Basically, they believe that marriage is between man and wife and that any sex outside of this arrangement is wrong.

    If they were completely soft on regular sex and only down on gay sex then it would be more hypocritical and biased but it's at least consistent even if you disagree with the fundamental beliefs.

  • Xanthippe

    Cofty I left twenty-seven years ago. My point is that this has drastically changed. Gay men were not allowed to be in the JW congregation at all. It's news to me as are many things on this site. The dropping of the 1914 generation in 1995 was a bombshell to me, I had no idea. That's why I came here, to find out what has changed and to see if there is any hope for my brother, sisters and nephews because of the changes.

  • Simon
    Gay men were not allowed to be in the JW congregation at all.

    But an unmarried heterosexual couple living together wouldn't be allowed to be part of the congregation either so they were not making any special rules.

    And before anyone argues that gay people couldn't marry ... that is a recent development in general society so it would have been a non issue (gay people couldn't have been married anyway).

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