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  • Blade666

    my question is can you as a JW live on same premises as a non JW.... in split house/property with no sexual relations or anything involved..

    i am being forced to move due to a "sister" wanting to go back to her god and has made the point of saying she cannot have a male around. even though the property itself is split with seperate access for both parts of the house.. she has put a blanket rule out saying the whole property itself... doesnt make sense to me nor to any of the elders i have spoken to regarding the matter.. yes i called them as i know next to nothing about the faith..

    i find it strange that two elders urge a non JW to seek justice from fair trading and rental tribunal as they themselves do not belive the actions of the "sister" in question or her family to be correct or right...

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I agree, you will get farther faster, with less trouble if you just 'stick to the law." Don't even involve "the sister."

  • Blade666

    im happy to involve the law as i know i will win... my issue is i dont understand how can a JW use their faith against another tenant to make them move out. she is the one with the issue yet i am being forced to move not just myself but my two children as well... Her elders do not agree with the treatment i am receiving from her based on her religion..and trust me i have nothing to do with any religion or faith whatsoever just never encountered religion being used like this...

  • Blade666

    like where exactly in the bible principles does it state she cannot share a property thats completly seperate from her own..

    what happens if a JW sister lives in an apartment block... does she then make all males leave as its against her religion.....I think not.....

    i hope you get the point i am trying to make... just seems bogus and i cannot get a straight answer except that what she is doing is wrong... its gotta come from somewhere and all research has led me to this forum to ask..

  • LisaRose

    Of course she is being ridiculous, if the living areas are separate there shouldn't be a problem. Possibly she is worried about what others may think, the Jehovah's Witnesses tend to gossip and meddle in each other's business, or it could be that having strayed from the faith she is now determined to be a super strict and perfect JW.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome, Blade666. I hope the responses received here help you. LisaRose's evaluation is spot on.

    Without giving details, the same thing happened to me. I went to court and the judge tried to reason with the contender. There were separate entrances and random chance of my "bumping" into the person wanting the entire property.

    That person said "no" to the judge's reasoning, which would have been equitable to both parties. Due to the nature of the situation, I eventually left but with a large financial settlement. The person wanting me out incurred losses beyond monetary.

  • scratchme1010
    i am being forced to move due to a "sister" wanting to go back to her god and has made the point of saying she cannot have a male around.

    First, that sister is full of shit. There's no JW anything that forces her to not have a male roommate. Second, she's full of shit again because she's using the JW crap as an excuse to be a perfect bitch. If at all, she's the one that should leave, not you. She's changing the terms of the living arrangement, not you, so she's the one that should leave.

    Sue her ass. That's sex discrimination.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Although I live in my own house, I am still affected by crazy neighbors that aren't JW's. To keep "the peace" I had to remove a small pile of dead grass, why? Because the crazy husband and wife convinced themselves that it was the cause of the "awful" smell that kept them from sitting on their porch. In reality, they had their garbage container there for a few days previously that reeked. But it couldn't be that, nooooooooo. The husband did things for revenge like running his compressor early or late at night before I found out the reason.

    I threw the pile of grass into the garbage - it smelled like hay - and they magically could sit on their porch.

    So crazy comes in all sizes and that is what that "sister" is. Lisarose has it right, ultra righteousness at play here.

  • Diogenesister
    There's no JW anything that forces her to not have a male roommate.

    A jw woman absolutely cannot share a flat or house with an unrelated male, jw or not.

    However, this is not the case in this instance. There are seperate entrances (presumably it's a house conversion) which is absolutely fine as they are physically two separate properties.

    You didn't mention if she or her relatives are your landlords but I presume they are or this wouldn't be an issue. If they are I would recommend taking legal action and although they can make you leave in the end, of course, you should receive some financial compensation.

    It might be worth mentioning this to her/relatives/landlord as perhaps you can come to some arrangement whereby they recompense you financially for moving without having to go to court

  • Finkelstein

    This JWS woman is whacked stupid and is fostering illegalities from a secular and legal viewpoint.

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