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  • Done

    My first apartment at 18years old and a pioneer jw was a large old house converted into apartments. One common entrance and hall and stairway. I had 2 rooms and a bathroom. College girls across the hall.

    No problem with any Jw.


    She brought this issue into play. Every thing was hunky dori until this jehovy disease entered her mind.

    Tell her to go as she is the one who changed and you are still the same.

    Does she own or rent the apartment?

    If everything you say is correct then the law should be on your side.

    Jehovy's have a warped sense of morality that is not even biblical. Tell her to go and suck on a big salami.

  • Blade666

    thank you one and all.. this is exactly what i was looking to hear and find out... i knew it was wrong and that she had no right to use it against me but i mentioned i knew nothing about JWs really..

    she is acting as the agent of the property with the owner being a long time family friend and has said owners backing (not a JW btw) i have lived here for 3 months.

    this all came about because i requested she show a little respect and not allow her foster puppies in the common sunroom as they sleep right outside my door making it impossible to get out and access my bathroom and also pee etc everywhere and in the middle of the night half asleep its quite disgusting to walk through especially for children.

    she got upset and angry over it, so i mentioned it to owner as the reaction wasnt fair to a reasonable request...

    to then be asked to leave due to her going back to being a full time JW and needs to respect her god.. alot of the arrangements made when i moved in have been taken back and changed by her and the owner.. so knowing the religion part is utter crap helps me decide how to proceed regarding this matter..

    many thanks

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Yes, the JW rules could be interpreted that way although it would be pretty hard for most reasonable people to make that interpretation.

    As far as legally: not in the US/EU/Canada or pretty much every other developed country, there are laws against that. First thing to do: ask them to put everything in writing.

    IF you don't have a contract, a 3/6/9 contract may apply in EU or dependent on your jurisdiction, some other contract will apply, usually you'll be able to get some organization in your area to assist you with tenant privileges, rights and obligations.

    IF you do have a contract (or you are aware of whatever default contract applies to your situation), any regulation of your gender or religion would invalidate at least those sections, so categorically ignore them and then follow the rest your contract. If she's saying you have to be out, she probably has to give you written notice, then follow that, usually it's a minimum notice of anywhere between 1 and 3 months unless you have special rights because of your financial situation (government assistance), handicapped, newborns or extreme hardships due to winters in certain areas of the country etc.

    IF other renters or the owner or his agent(s) are encroaching on your property (as with the puppies) or make unilateral changes to the (written) agreement, you can actually withhold rent given you give notice of the encroaching to the owner and your intent to withhold the rent (or portions thereof) until the situation is resolved. You can typically do this for any sort of 'issue' that makes it hard or impossible to live for you and most courts will agree with you. If you don't have a written agreement, you have to see what actually is 'reasonable' to be included in your rent. If it's a split property, then it's reasonable that everything on your 'side' is "yours" and they shouldn't encroach on any of it except for shared paths, right of ways, perhaps lawns, garages etc

    The best thing to do is actually to move away if at all possible and leave bad reviews wherever you can - get your local tenant representative organization or HOA involved.

  • sparrowdown

    Helps to know that JWs are narcissists - religious narcissists.

    Your best defense will be the law.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Sounds to me like you would be better off far away from the Looney woman even if the law is on your side.

  • Blade666

    i will be leaving no matter what as not fair on my two kids to be treated as we are.. thank you one and all for your advice and sharing stories has helped immensely...

    no to decide whether to pursue legal action or let it go...

  • sparrowdown

    MCTE - I agree, getting far away from "looney woman" would be best for your mental health..

  • joe134cd

    This is

  • BluesBrother

    My memory is not perfect, but as I recall, the rule applies to living unmarried with a member of the opposite sex ,believer or not, UNDER SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES. So , if the property is divided and there is no question of a "relationship" ... ok. . Otherwise it would stop an elderly motherly type giving a room to a young Pioneer in circumstances that would benefit them both.

    Of course, elders discretion comes into it and these may be rulebook worshipers

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