Living with non belivers

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  • pbrow

    How are you being forced? Dont you have a lease?

    Is that gal just saying... You need to move out?... thats not really forcing you to move.


  • Blade666

    i am being forced to as she has spoken to owner of property and seeing as owner is a long time family friend is willing to accept her wishes and wants me out as well... so i am being forced to move as i am no longer welcome here.

    is a private rental with an oral lease and everything is in text message.. due to the amount of time i have been here i am still covered by the legislation and is wrongful termination and sexual discrimination due to religion.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @Blade666: Even without a written lease, you still have certain rights and you cannot simply be "forced out". They can ask you to leave, in writing, with proper terms as to timing.

    It sucks, but your landlord can ask you to leave at pretty much any time at the end of your contract (which an oral contract, depending on your jurisdiction is probably a month-to-month). If you feel you have additional rights or term lengths on the contract based on the text messages or local laws/ordinances (eg. you have a length of time remaining on the "contract") then they have to prove that you are violating the lease or that the place is not habitable.

    After they have given notice, you can technically stay longer although they can at that point begin proceedings to evict you, which may take 3 days in small villages to 3 months in large cities, an officer of the law will come to your house, tell you you have to be out in a number of days and may even asked to be present as you move out.

    In the mean time, your property still has to be respected, you have to be allowed the time and space to move out. You can also hold back your rent in the mean time until violations on their ends are resolved. After you have given written notice of the violations on their end, again, depending on your jurisdiction, they may not be able to evict you until the violations have been resolved.

    This is simple contract law, not a religious dispute, ask a local attorney for help or find an organization that can assist with tenant rights, most areas have them.

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