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  • DesirousOfChange

    Anyway, this MS friend said (he would know as he did the finances for our hall for a while) the branch comes of with an arbitrary amount based on the number of publishers. This includes children who are publishers...meaning no income at all.

    I have not heard about this locally, but I have been expecting it to happen. Perhaps it was in a letter that was only to the BOE, and recommended a $$/publisher "suggested donation" as they have been doing for years at Circus Assemblies. They don't care if it comes from each Pub or from one person, as long as the cash flows to WTS. . . . Doc

  • FedUpJW

    Why do they lock old second school room up?

    Control. The MS who does it acts like a little Hitler, strutting around with his hands in his pockets, has his own special chair at the back of the hall, patrolling the locked up rooms checking the doors to make sure no one has unlocked them and is in there. Opens and checks the bathrooms. The a--hole has taken to following me into the men's toilet lately. Stupid a--hole!

  • blondie

    The only solution if you still attend is not to give any money at all. Of course, if other of the rank and file do and there is extra, it is hard to stop a resolution because the money is already there (would they do a resolution to encourage others to give more?)

    I wonder if individual tithing will ever take place, so they can dun individuals, or refuse to baptize people or perform weddings or funerals if you don't donate.

  • skin

    We were told at this weeks mid week meeting that there is going to be a resolution at next weeks meeting, we were told the rules of who can and who can not put up hands, during which we were told that we will be putting our hands up. Whats the point of having these resolutions when everyone is obligated to put their hands up. In the past when I haven't raised my hand, I get the evil steer from those righteous ones sitting around me holding their hands up, with that judgemental look on their face, while waiting for the brother to take a count of those holding up hands. I hate meetings where they have a resolution, its pointless. Not puttting your hand up is considered going against Jehovah's arrangement and only wicked people do this resolution will get a pass, just like all the others have.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I think this is the case in most congregations, a quick resolution is read out and everyone is expected to raise their hand and support it. Many times the equipment being voted on has already been purchased and installed. However, the recent Accounting Instructions, S-42-b-E 9/19, show that the audience should be allowed to ask questions before the vote is taken:-

    17. Procedure for Resolutions: When it is necessary to present a resolution to the
    congregations using the Kingdom Hall, the collective body of elders should discuss the matter
    thoroughly and agree on the content of the resolution. The operating committee should
    prepare a written resolution for presentation at the midweek meeting in each congregation.
    The elder serving as chairman for the midweek meeting should briefly and clearly
    explain the need to the congregation and the recommendation of the body of elders. Those
    in attendance should be allowed to ask questions about the matter before a vote is taken.

    Voting on a resolution is done by a show of hands and is limited to those in the congregation
    who are baptized, unless legal requirements direct otherwise. If the resolution is approved
    by the majority in attendance, it should be dated, signed by the coordinator of the
    body of elders and the secretary, and given to the operating committee coordinator. The
    resolution should be placed in the appropriate monthly folder in the current file.

    This has certainly not happened in my congregation!


  • slimboyfat

    I can’t remember exactly, but our congregation contribution was a lot lower than $1000

    Compulsory congregation “tithing” seems like a non starter to me as a concept. Because elders can “resolve” to send whatever they like, but if individuals don’t contribute enough then the pledge simply can’t be met in the long run. Not unless elder bodies feel obligated to make up the shortfall themselves. Which may happen sometimes in the short run, but elders are as prone to apathy as everyone else.

    Tithing works among Mormons because it is individual and specific in its benefits. Individuals prove their contribution against their income receipts in order to qualify to attend temples and other privileges.

    What happens if an individual JW contributes less or nothing at all?

  • JimmyYoung

    If the printed lit was edible then maybe

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