Would You Be Afraid To Visit The Dominican Republic?

by minimus 45 Replies latest jw friends

  • redvip2000
    without having to worry about ingesting tainted moonshine alcohol, being drugged and raped,

    Right, those things never happen in America.

    Anyway, I would at least say that when you consider all of the offerings available in the region for resorts, the DR is one of the worse. There are many great options that are safer and less crowded. For the past 2 years for example, I've been going to Antigua, and I will go back in a few months. I always feel safe there, though I don't really stay in a resort. Or even if you want a better option, go to St Barths, i've been there twice in last 5 years, and it's almost like being somewhere in Europe, though it is expensive.

  • minimus

    Wing commander, calm down 😮

  • blondie

    I do still think the laws in the US, are applied more frequently in relation to the selling of alcoholic beverages. I can see someone who is not quite right in the mind doing this, remembering how some put poison in OTC meds and then returned them to the drugstore shelves and waited to see what happened.

    Or people wanting to kill off some family member and inherit their money; or make someone they hated suffer. Or someone wanting to kill off someone considered a government traitor.

    But killing stories like the ones in the Dominican Republic seem to be for less specific reasons, just picking random people. And perhaps some seeing that it is successful, may copy this behavior.

    It can be a dangerous world, and trust is not found as much as it may have been. Some preventive steps can be taken but not foolproof.

  • minimus

    I’m going to Haiti on my next vacation. Forget about DR!

  • WingCommander

    Yeah Minimus, you do that! Cause Haiti is soooooo much better, and completely different than the OTHER side of the island! LOL!!

  • punkofnice

    No. I just can't afford it.

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