Your opinion is watchtower extremist?

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  • poopie
    Court gave 4 reasons you agree disagree.
  • Simon

    On the grand scale of things, they are just a more-conservative-than-many traditionalist christian religion.

    They have some specific unique quirky beliefs, doctrines and practices. But they are not as extreme as many others. They are right there with Mormonism as alt-Christian for those who don't like the big-name churches and find the "smaller group" appealing.

    The fill a niche in the market.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Is Watchtower extremist? Yes, of course. Here's why ...

    1. if the state doesn't have mandatory supporting, JWs won't report child abuse or help with police investigations

    2. if a JW, or child born to JW parents, needs a blood transfusion to save life, the JW or child will be denied this then end up dying.

    3. seven men in upstate NY exercise near total control of what 7 million people can do, say and even think.

    4. shunning happens and is encouraged by the GB - it's a requirement.

    5. often, JWs are influenced to write the WT into their will.

    6. public 'witnessing' (door-to-door, carts) is mandatory, not left up to individual choice.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Nor can someone simply and respectfully walk away from the religion with facing the severest of consequences the law will allow their leaders to inflict.. ostracism from family and friends, combined with pressure on these to observe the decree under fear banishment themselves.

    That's why I must admit to ambivalence about the Russian ban even though I am otherwise an advocate for freedom of religion and speech.

    So yes, I think "extremist" isn't too harsh a judgement as it relates to JWs, their anti-social attitude and worldview.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    The most moderate organization can sometimes be extremely extremist.

    That's the reason why I have decided two years and two months ago, due to conscience and personal reasons, to dissociate myself from the JW cult made in USA.

    And to love God and my neighbor far away from any restrictive organization.

  • btlc

    Extremist - yes. If nothing else, they are ready to make a massive spam sending hundreds thousand letters to five or six addresses and disabling normal work of post offices and government institutions for days. That could be easly classified as act of terorism, at least as serious offense. Idk how much % of brain members of GB use, but organizing that international spam-fest (an offense) isn't a way to address a court.

  • OrphanCrow

    The WTS' blood doctrine has made the Jehovah's Witnesses into a suicide cult and one that practices child sacrifice.

    The 'no blood card/directive' that they carry is their suicide bomb - and when it goes splatters blood all over the place. On family members, friends, legal and medical professionals...anyone around them.

    Not only do they practice child sacrifice, they argue in the courts for the religious right to do so. And they have been setting off their blood bombs for over 7 decades now.

    *medical terrorism

  • Hairtrigger

    An organization that violates constitutional guarantees of the individual , be it the miranda rights , the 5th amendment or others is in violation of the countries laws and is an extremist organization. The Borg's JC procedures violates all these cont. Guarantees..

    IMO Yes.

  • John Free
    John Free

    Extremist definition = 'someone who has beliefs that the majority consider unreasonable or unacceptable'.

    So of course the answer is yes the org is extremist. The org of course is promoting the idea that extremist groups only include those that are militant or promote violence. This is more than a hardline stricter than normal religion this is a destructive cult that ruins families and wrecks lives. It should be banned the world over. If Russia had never lifted the ban in the 1990s then tens of thousands of unsuspecting Russian families would have been protected from this harmful group.


    Your opinion is watchtower extremist?

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