Your opinion is watchtower extremist?

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  • konceptual99
    Some extremists let their children die when they really need a blood transfusion.

    This of course is true. So, if some Muslims blow people up does that mean Islam should be banned and all religious activities of Muslim people become illegal?

    They may not get involved in politics but they believe that their God will soon destroy all politicians and political organisations (please can somebody tell me how this belief isn't extreme).

    Again, this is true but is frankly an empty threat. It's a fairy tale and Witnesses do nothing other than stand like impotent morons next to carts to promote it. If if ever motivated violent behaviour then I would be the first to shout "ban".

    They believe their God will also destroy all the billions of people who reject their message.

    Again, an empty threat. They do nothing of substance as a result of this. Many people hold beliefs that are not progressive and inclusive. They need to stop being ignorant but this type of nonsense infects millions and millions of people.

    If they live in a non-mandatory reporting state and one of their children is sexually abused, they won't report it or cooperate with the police.

    Historically this is true but I do think that this is changing. Not fast enough of course but there are plenty of ways to make the WTS face up to their responsibilities here without abusing the law and undermining the principle of freedom of speech and of religion.

    The Russian action has brought up some really serious points but do the ends justify the means?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    if some Muslims blow people up does that mean Islam should be banned and all religious activities of Muslim people become illegal? - I would say no because not all Muslims or schools of Islamic thought advocate suicide-bombing (I also don't think JWs should be banned, BTW).

    With JWs, all accept the GB's direction that blood transfusions for JWs and their children are forbidden. Those who don't are punished by their 'loving organisation' ... in some cases, JWs have been helped out of their religion's extreme no blood policy by courts overruling the parents and forcing a transfusion on the child, saving its life.

    this is true but is frankly an empty threat - it may be an empty threat but this belief is extreme, no?

    Again, an empty threat - ditto, above.

    Historically this is true but I do think that this is changing - ok, so it's been extreme up until the second appearance before Justice McClellan. Time will tell if it changes.

    JWs are more extreme in their beliefs than in their actions.

  • konceptual99

    I get 100% where you are coming from. I just question if their thought crimes are sufficient to warrant being banned in the circumstances they have been in Russia. I would also say that their most harmful practices can be tackled in ways that I think would be far more effective in forcing change and exposing more inside the organisation to some critical thinking.

  • flipper

    Indeed, yes they are extreme to a huge degree. At the risk of sounding repetitious as many here have given their reasons for the WT Society being extreme- I'll give mine.

    1. Top of the list for me - criminal child abuse policies. The hiding of and refusing to follow court orders of the United States superior courts in releasing database files of about 23,000 names of JW pedophiles to the courts - indicates they are extreme in choosing to be fined millions of $$$$$ rather than release information concerning JW members who have committed these child abuse crimes. WHAT and/or WHO are they hiding on that list that makes it so important to break the law not releasing it to courts ? And the policy of not allowing elders to report child abuse offenses to police until WT legal is notified- does NOT help child victims, it enables JW child molesters.

    2. Not allowing JW's to receive life saving blood transfusions to save JW lives. Minor JW children have died because of idiotic JW parents following this idiotic WT Society policy. Who is responsible for these deaths ? Has the WT Society been held responsible or accountable by courts of law yet for thousands of JW deaths through the years of implementing this no blood policy ? Nope. It continues to happen each year.

    3. Disfellowshipping and practice of shunning approved by the WT Society of not only DFed JW's but also the shunning of just inactive JW's. This polarizes familes, breaking up relationships, causing in many cases depression and suicide.

    4. The not allowing of JW members to buy a political party card in Malawi , Africa in the 1960's and 1970's caused thousands of JW's to lose their lives. Yet hypocritically- the WT Society allowed Mexican JW's to sign up to serve in the military in order to get access to spreading the JW belief system into Mexico. who is responsible for the Malawi JW deaths ?

    5. The preventing and disapproving of higher education in colleges for young JW's is disgusting on the WT Societies part. So JW members are left with many unused and dormant brain synapses in their minds which turn their brains into WT robotic marketing mush to be manipulated by any whim of teaching that the WT society leaders desire to implant. Another indication of a dangerous mind control cult.

    So these are 5 major things off the top of my head that makes the WT Society and Jehovah's Witnesses extreme. the problem is : the WT Society does a really great marketing job or con job at manipulating the mass media on this planet trying to avoid the appearance of being extreme. WT leaders are very insidious about how they accomplish this - so that your normal Joe Blow or Mary sitting on their couch at home or just shopping in a grocery store do not realize just how dangerous or extreme the JW organization is. All the public sees are these " shiny, happy " people knocking on their door asking them " wouldn't you like to live forever in paradise with no more death and sickness " ? It disarms people to let their guard down and they don't realize what's hit them. A con game and a total unreality that JW's try to cram down their throats like a pill you want to regurgitate.

    Until more WT Society crimes are exposed and spread in the mass media - especially in the United States - WT Society and JW's will get away with these extremist crimes and activities because the constitution in the United Stated OVER protects religious rights - even when it involves thousands of people being killed and damaged within those religions. Something to think about. Religion is the bane of all mankind

  • pbrow

    Jw beliefs are extreme. So what?

    When their beliefs turn into actions that harm other people they will be held accountable in our justice system. (USA)

    Individual freedom of thought is paramount to any society. Having a minor share of the population with kooky ideas is part of the price of that freedom.

    The ever popular "jw's will let their children die rather then give blood transfusions" has turned into a moot point here. The state will take temporary custody of a child for the length of time it takes for the treatment to happen. Kid gets treatment, parents save face and all is right in the world.


  • Tornintwo

    They believe that 99.9% of humanity will be murdered by their "loving god" and, have their eyes pecked out by birds . they actually eagerly anticipate this slaughter of men, women and children. Sounds pretty extreme to me!

  • OrphanCrow
    pbrow: The ever popular "jw's will let their children die rather then give blood transfusions" has turned into a moot point here. The state will take temporary custody of a child for the length of time it takes for the treatment to happen. Kid gets treatment, parents save face and all is right in the world.

    That doesn't always happen. That is just what you see and are told. It is a myth.

    And besides, why should our society be burdened with the legal cost of stepping in so parents can't practice child sacrifice? What is wrong with the WTS that they make the rest of the world act responsibly just because they won't? How does that make it all right with the world?

    Bullshit. That does not make it all right with the world. Not in the least.

  • Ruby456

    violence is regulated amongst Jehovahs witnesses. we musn't think that because we cannot see violence that there is no violence. think of abusive marriages and pedophila. victims must remain in the family hoping that the perpetrator changes his ways if he/she say they are sorry.

  • pbrow

    It is absolutely not a myth. I realize it is anecdotal but that is exactly what was going to happen in my case.

    What good is society if it should not be burdened to protect its children, especially when that child's idiot parents will not? I would argue that is precisely why we need "society"

    I say "all right with the world" slightly tongue in cheek.


  • OrphanCrow
    Ruby456: violence is regulated amongst Jehovahs witnesses.

    Yes, it is. There is the internal violence that you speak of. But there is also the violence that their behavior has been designed to instigate.

    Think of the way that most legal systems handle court ordered restraining orders. When there is violence or potential for violence in a situation, both parties - the victim and the abuser - are bound by the terms of no contact. The abuser (potential aggressor) and the victim (potential target) cannot contact each other. If the victim violates those terms, and puts themselves intentionally in harm's way, the order is null and void.

    The JWs are instructed by the WTS to put themselves in harms' way. They deliberately instigate violence against them. They relish it. They have been trained to do so.

    The JWs like violence - they instigate it and then stand back and say "who, me? look at everybody else hitting us!"

    They call themselves their pursuit of violent encounters. They seek out violence and claim no responsibility in making that violence turn on them.

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