Walking away will get you D/Fed

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  • TD

    Won't happen. The voluntary nature of JW activities is too useful legally to cast aside.

    Baptism of minors, for example, would become a big problem without it.

  • poopie

    Hog wash no man or organization has them right to tell another human what to do.

  • Stealth

    Some active self righteous JWs may treat you as if your DF for just walking away. I know this first hand.

  • schnell
    @poopie, "Oh, except you, Your Honor!... And you, Officer..."
  • undercover
    This thread marks about the 13,857th time this rumor has been posted on this forum.

    While the rumors are only that - rumors, never substantiated - it is an indication that the JW practice of casting out people due to 'rebelliousness' or 'sin' creates a fear among their followers, as is its intention. Knowing that the slightest provocation could lead to their DFing/DAing, and thus be shunned evermore by JW family, it causes paranoia among the faithful and the apostate minded alike.

  • Squekylive

    I too heard something like that, my wife's parents are already threatening her that the society has become more strict now and many will be disfellowshiped etc... But i think these kind of news are created by the members asusual to make their relatives to be more involved...

  • ToesUp

    If you don't want to be DF'd DO NOT tell ANYONE your reason for leaving. If asked prying questions just reply, "I do not feel the need to discuss that with you, it's personal." Once you start talking, you are at risk of DF'ing.

    Be careful, some demented elders will try and trick you. We have had this done to us. We know exactly what this person is up to. He wants us DF'd . He thinks he is slick. We say NOTHING. It pisses him off to no end. It has been quite amusing to play this game with him.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    They were disfellowshipping those who were no longer in attendance in the early 1980s. They had an article where they equated those who were not at the meetings, calling them disassociated, with those who were disfellowshipped. In the Watchtower article, they even made it a point to write out disassociated/disfellowshipped in one word with that slash.

    Raymond Franz himself was disfellowshipped for having a meal with his landlord/employer who was an inactive member (even though the article came out after he was seen with him).

    In my disfellowshipping appeal, I told the elders that I wanted to disassociate myself and they said that it would not make a difference based on that very same article.

    I also knew an elderly lady JW and neighbor of mine that was disfellowshipped around that time simply for not attending the meetings.

    I don't think they're doing that anymore but you never know; they can go back to it anytime.

  • Spiral

    I think it must depend on where you are. Actually, I've heard it both ways recently: "The society is getting more strict" and "the society is getting more understanding". If you listen to the meetings it depends on which brother is sounding off.

    So, I've quit worrying about it. The locals will do whatever they want to do and find an article to back it up.

    In this little town so many people have studied/baptised and then walked away if they did any aggressive action along those lines half the town would be involved. Oh, and no one would be able to get a job because the employer might be a "former" brother.

    As usual, "theocratic order" is in confusion!

  • rebel8

    They can df anyone they want, for any reason or no reason at all. There is no law restricting this. (If I am wrong, please post a link to the law.)

    The circulation of this rumor repeatedly over the years is a control technique in itself.

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