Walking away will get you D/Fed

by Drifting Away 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • Drifting Away
    Drifting Away

    Someone just told my wife, that those who are just leaving organization or not going anymore will be dfed, has anyone read that or heard of that? I have seen nothing of that, and according to Jackson at Royal Commission, we are free to go as we please..

  • ttdtt

    Nope. Not true - they need a reason.

  • Stealth

    Just hopeful thinking by some zealot.

    They would stone us if they could get away with it!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Many J.W.'s unilaterally treat inactive J.W.'s as if they are disfellowshipped.

    It's a rapidly growing mindset amongst those dedicated to the org Jehovah.

  • Finkelstein

    It pretty much relates to how and what length of time you've been associating with the JWS. before you left.

    If for example you just recently stopped going and you've been identified joining another church/religion, they would DF you and it would be announced that this individual was no longer a JWS at the Hall they attended.

    If a person is baptized and just simply stops attending and doesn't associate with other known JWS such as family members who are practicing JWS, then you might not get DFed. but they usually track down theses individuals not only to cast judgement on to these people but to exercise their identifying power as being Elders.

  • Drifting Away
    Drifting Away

    I had a feeling it was mis-information. and Finkelstein, so true, the wolves are ready to pounce if they can find something. Funny thing is she heard it from someone who is DFed but has not been to meetings in over 20 years..so most likely mis-information.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Many J.W.'s unilaterally treat inactive J.W.'s as if they are disfellowshipped - yes, I've experienced this.

    Several years after I faded, I saw a sister from my local congregation in my local high street. We made eye contact and as she approached I expected some kind of greeting. Instead, she completely blanked me.

    Can you feel the love?

  • sir82

    This thread marks about the 13,857th time this rumor has been posted on this forum.

    It hasn't happened in the 16+ years those rumors have been appearing here, it is quite unlikely that will change.

  • midnight

    No you won't be disfellowshipped , you will be treated with "caution" though

  • Finkelstein

    The ending story to this all is that JWS are instructed to associate only with other practicing JWS . So if you've made social friends at Kingdom Halls, expect that friendship to drop quickly if you stop attending . You are then identified as being a dangerous and evil subversive .

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