Handing out candy

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  • Viviane

    We grew up turning out the lights and hiding in the backroom as well. Last night my next door neighbors and I had two grills, 50 hotdogs, a smoker with turkey legs, ribs and chicken, about 1300 pieces of candy, a couple of coolers full of beer, wine, soda and water and had a party with spotlights illuminating the house and basically had a big party.

    We ran out of candy, hot dogs, ribs, had one turkey leg and piece of chicken left over. Probably 600 kids came by for candy, friends, came over, my kids dressed up as a zombie and an ax murderer. Other neighbors stopped by, we had people we knew around town stop by, the kids ran around the neighborhood, played in the yard, played X Box, the adults had some drinks, socialized, chatted, had some laughs. Everyone had a great time.

  • Dunedain

    My neighborhood, and specifically, my block in New Jersey, goes "crazy" for Halloween. Its so much fun. My neighbor/friend across the street, has his whole front yard decorated with life sized, electroniclly motorized, "moving" statues, of horror flick characters. There is Jason, Freddy Kruegger, Hannibal Lector, Frakenstein, and the guy from the Texas Chainsaw massacre, all standing around, with moving arms, and heads. They are SO LIFELIKE, that the kids and adults, going to the house are not sure if they are real people or not.

    So, what we do is dress up too, and stand there with the moving statues, and "come ti life", and "attack" the kids. They LOVE it, and run away screaming, and coming back for more. My neighbors, whos house it is, dressed up as a "scary killer clown", complete with balloons and axe, and i was in a very scary "ghoul" mask, and ripped clothes, and "knife"

    Then, directly across the street, at my house, we had smoke/fog machines, and flashing strobe lights, all along the front yard walkway up to my front door. I have a HUGE tree in the front yard with spider webs hanging low, and "grapping" people. On my front yard, i even had 2 of my LIVE and REAL cats, one all black, and one dark grey, who "hung out" on the front lawns grass, with all the kids and neighbors. These are 2 out of my 5 cats, dont worry i have a very big home,lol, that dont mind going outside and they LOVE people. They are the perfect addition to a Halloween set-up.

    Even my other neighbors, on the right side of my house, get into it, too. They sit on 2 chairs in their driveway, on e person dressed and looking "normal", while the other person is in costume, with a scary mask, but made to look like a "fake" prop, not a real person. Most kids are NOT sure if he is real, as he does NOT move an inch, until the unsuspecting kids come closer to get candy, and he "jumps up" at them. Of course, they are running away screaming, lol.

    Its really fun, and besides, us and our immediate neighbors, there are MANY other houses on our block, that are all doing similar things. The fog machines "smoke" spreads out over the whole street. People have "scary" music blasting out their windows. Adults in costume, randomly "waiting" to scare, unsuspecting trik or treaters, all along the whole block, its great. Being that Halloween was on a Saturday, everybody went "all out", even more so, this year, as we were expecting things to go all thru the night. This is exactly what happened. My kids, and all the kids, had a blast. The whole block was one big interactive, scary themed , "world". Kids running, and screaming, adults laughing, and chasing, it was great. Everone LOVED my 2 cats, that were walking around on my front lawn, as REAL, live "props", and the cats loved it too.

  • Aerodynamic

    I kinda think this is funny. But God gave me a disturbing sense of humor. Growing up we always went out to eat, by the time we got back it was to late for kids to be out. We also turned out all of the lights so people knew we didnt pass out candy. Now that im older and have kids of my own, we go to a local church and they have a harvets gest, and the kids play small gamesand get candy. Much safer then from strangers as its regulated from the church . We still check it, but safer. My wife attends the church. I dont, but we know everyone passing out the candy.

    Our neighborhood gets inundated with kids, so I'm glad were not home. I mean like hundreds of kids, easily. I never much liked Halloween and not even because of growing up witness. Just never liked it. Last year we got home early and took the kids to the neighborhood house, just to say high and talk to the neighbors, that was fun.

  • NewYork44M

    We passed out candy last night. I am pretty sure that the act did not increase demon activity in our home - Except that all the clocks got changed during the night!... hmmm. Perhaps the demons are playing a joke on me. Other than that, nothing indicates that our demons were affected one way or another by the candy incident.

  • j dubb
    j dubb

    Growing up we would go out to eat or turn off all the lights like we weren't home.

    Last night I dressed up for the first time and handed out candy.

  • LisaRose

    my husband and I and some of our fellow minions.

  • Virgochik
    We always hid in the back of the house, in the kitchen. If it was necessary to go anywhere near the front windows, we tip toed and carried flashlights. Could anything be more silly? Of course the curtains were tightly closed too. My mom texted me this morning that she was thankful it rained hard last night where she lives and tricker treaters didn't bother her. Well, fine, but I put on my hippy chick costume and handed out candy! The kids were polite and the parents said thanks. It's extra fun because we couldn't do it growing up. Where's the harm?
  • Dunedain

    @ - Virgochik - Wheres the harm? How could you say that, dont you know that everytime you give candy to a 4 year old, a demon gets its, leathery, bat like, wings. If you give one of those bigger "goody bags", filled with extra candy, to a 5 year old, a demon gets bigger horns. Finally, if you give spare change to a 6 year old, a demon gets extra sharp fangs.

    So, yeah, there is a lot of harm, and depending on how much candy you are giving, you could be "strengthening" satans army, shame, shame, shame.

  • GrreatTeacher

    We gave away less candy than usual. A lot of people went out to parties last night. Then, we finally ended up with a party of our own with people in the house and sitting by a bonfire in the front yard!

    The trick-or-treaters were not too excited when my husband first offered them celery, you should have seen their wide eyes! Then, we had a laugh and offered them candy from the candy bowl or a small toy from the toy bowl. Some parents thanked us for having toys because their kids were allergic to some candies.

  • GrreatTeacher

    And for the first time my 14 year old son went roaming the neighborhood with friends. He put on overalls, drew on a beard with a sharpie and grabbed a lantern so he looked like a train conductor.

    They found a street where people had haunted yards and haunted houses and they scared themselves silly then went to a friend's house. We called him at 10 pm. The girls were having a sleepover, so we had to extract the boys. He came home with a whole pillowcase full of candy and seemed very satisfied with his haul.

    Surely everyone will be talking about this in school on Monday. Lunches will be good for the next week with all the extra candy.

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