Handing out candy

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  • Retrovirus

    Ha, Smiddy, I always got a few visits, but other houses around got more. This time I carved a pumpkin and put it on the porch, bingo! ran out of goodies.

    Next year I plan to try a ghost!

  • Zoos

    Wow! I'm in good company. Handed out candy for the first time last night also.

    Kids with stupid grins and hilarious costumes beats "lights out and hide in the basement."

  • carla
    As I handed out candy to a little bee, princess and a few very small superhero's I couldn't help but laugh about the stories I have read over the years here about jw's actually hiding out in the dark from these adorable little ones.
  • Truthexplorer

    I used to go guising as a child long before I became a Borgite. It was a laugh at the time. The wife will usually keep soom sweets aside to give the kids coming round, she even arranges the xmas party for a charity beleive it or not. Yet she will give me the 3rd degree if I talk about the borg negatively. Oh the hypocricy lol

  • LV101

    Halloween is a blast for kids (adults, too) and one of the most memorable holidays as a child but I wasn't raised as a witness. Nothing better than the cute, miniature, Halloween, candy bars.

    It's so good to know how much many of us are enjoying life and the wonderful holidays after escaping cultism.

  • tiki
    My mother would darken the house...and if perchance a little monster knocked she'd answer and announce very righteously "we do not observe Halloween"...puzzling the child....I hated not being able to costume and go out...then back in school you'd have to endure the kids happily babbling about how much fun they had....it was crushing....
  • WTWizard

    I used to disconnect my chime in my apartment--a simple wire removed from the terminal is all it took. Or, a wad of tissue pegging the plunger at its lowest position would prevent it from moving even if it was activated. I always had my place dark on Halloween.

    Now that I no longer sympathize with the jokehovians, I put up lots of lights. I have those icicle LEDs that span Halloween and Christmas. For Halloween, I put up orange and purple lights, and then remove them for red (and colored) for Christmas. I also put up plenty of tinsel garland (that gets switched early November), and plenty of other ornaments. I even have a giant pumpkin cutout (plastic) that goes on the window, and it displays a jack o'lantern at night when lit from within. This starts going up around Labor Day, so people can enjoy them during the whole season. And yes, I put out a bowl of candy outside my apartment door so anyone can help themselves--though it is usually full at the end of the night.

  • cognac
    Had a blast with my girls. Every year we seem to do it up more and more!
  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    My first Halloween last night! We bought one of those portable fire pits, had a fire in the front yard and made s'mores for anyone who wanted them! The funniest thing.......an Elders 5 y/o son was with his aunt going trick or treating. Dressed like a Jedi! Oh, how I love the irony!!!!!!!!!
  • Tornintwo
    I living in a reverse divided home, last night my hubby said 'the kids are coming around for trick or treat' let's turn the lights off and go in the back room. I said "don't be silly. I've bought some sweets and I'll handle it". He didn't say anything else! My daughter dressed as a cat and went to a friends house with about 15 kids to watch scary movies, but was careful not to post any photos on social media for the JWs to see. My son was 'the real batman' and went nightclubbing with his mates. So Happy they are getting back to the real world and enjoying themselves.

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