Handing out candy

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  • mikeypants

    Growing up my parents would barricade our home off by parking vehicles bumper to bumper - you would have to crawl under the cars or over the bumpers to get to our door. Also, we would turn off all the lights and hide in the back room away from the street.

    That was the norm for me. Isnt that insane? I'm sure everyone here growing up in the borg have their hiding stories.

    Anyway, tonight was the first time i handed out candy! Never have went trick or treating but handing out a few candy bars tonight felt great - i'm on the road to normalcy, though i have quite a journey.

  • Dunedain

    My parents, growing up, would disconnect the doorbell on Halloween. We grew up in a big 2 family house in one of the boroughs of NYC. So having someone not answer the door, was not a big deal. My grandparents, who were NOT witnesses, lived in the downstairs half of the house, and we were in the upstairs. So when people would come to the door, my grandmother would hand out candy, and just tell the kids, nobody was home upstairs. If the kids rang our bell first, though, it didnt matter cause my Dad disconnected the door bell.

    I have been Trik or treatin with my daughters for over 10 years now, and handing out candy for just as long. I, myself, however, have never gone trik or treating as a child. It was JW BS, my whole childhood for me, oh well, i make up for it with my daughters, and i get joy out of that at least.

  • kairos

    We would put up a sign on the street and a sign on the door that said:

    "No Halloween here"

    Most would not make it to the door. The few that knocked, we ignored.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Yep. Growing up, we would turn off all the lights and watch tv as low as possible. This was our 3rd Halloween trick-or-treating and 2nd time handing out candies. The kiddos had a blast.

    My son was Chucky and my daughter was an evil queen. Fun night!

  • truthseekeriam

    We would turn out all lights and hide out in a back room like we were afraid or something...I laugh now!

    This was the first year we put up lights and pumpkins and handed out candy. My husband and 18 year old daughter actually dressed up and everything! It was so fun seeing all the excited kids dressed up and so happy.

    We are on that road to normalcy right along with you my friend.

  • Listener
    Fortunately for the JWs it is only one day a year they feel harassed on their own doorstep.
  • Simon

    It's insane how the JW's demonize a community activity where kids simply have some fun.

    We sat on the porch with the dog to hand out candy otherwise she was going crazy hearing people and not getting to say hello (she's a complete suck-up when it comes to little kids and soaks up the attention).

    Kids get to dress up as superheros or characters out of frozen (so adorable) and everyone gets to say "hi" to everyone else in the neighborhood.

    How on earth can anyone turn that into something supposedly evil?

    It is funny though that so many JW's don't like strangers knocking on their door. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

  • LisaRose

    I had a great time. We always think we bought too much candy, but then they start to really come. And come. And come. We gave out every last piece, 600 or so. Our neighborhood is popular for trick or treaters obviously.

    We took lots of pictures and had our pictures taken. We dressed as minions which was a big hit with the little ones. We got one picture with a whole family of minions. We gave out all the candy then walked over to our neighborhood bar for a nightcap. Met a very nice Lt. Uhura and Captain Kirk.

    I remember the days of hiding out in the back room, all lights off and a note taped to the door asking people not to ring the doorbell. How silly we were. I hear Pat Roberson said Halloween was children were "celebrating Satan". Whatever, we had a blast.

  • FayeDunaway

    We would turn off all the lights and hide in the basement. I remember being terrified that children would knock on our door! So silly!!

    Tonight we went to a neighborhood in town that I had heard was mobbed this time of year...and wow, was it. It's fun seeing the kids and parents from school. Trick or treating is community! Then we came and hit our favorite spots near our house.

  • smiddy

    My wife and I bought a big bag of sweets for Halloween , and nobody knocked on our door ....?

    What`s wrong with us .....?...... Are we shunned ? I`m having flashbacks .....

    Now we have to eat them .....and my wife was trying to diet....yet again.

    sweets ,.... 25% Mr. smiddy ......75% Mrs smiddy .


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