November 22 Study Article: God is a hypocrite & is NOT impartial!

by Divergent 20 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • prologos

    Divergent: "--Hey, at least Jesus fed the crowds properly on various occasions. The GB has fed us too --"

    Jehovah, through his son even provided good wine in abundance to the right occasion, in contrast, the G.O.D. GB only provides wine for a very few partakers, on occasion, for the springtime communion drink.

  • Lieu

    Talk about your dysfunctional family. Parents a stealin', kids a killin' ... brothers boinking sisters ... a hot mess of all out turpitude.

    There should have been an owl or something nearby to give Eve a warning. Maybe she'd only been alive a few days and with all the trees, you'd think a talking bird would say something.

  • prologos

    There should have been an owl or something nearby to give Eve a warning.

    like: "You won't die when you touch, even if you eat live to ~900+, but most of your daughters will never live to 100, if you eat. I repeat: " You will not die the day-- eat of that other tree instead it is not forbidden"

  • Simon

    The Cain and Abel myth also has God arbitrarily being happy with Abel's offerings but unhappy with Cain. No wonder he felt aggrieved.

    Nice job God for causing resentment !

    We're talking about a god who a few pages earlier punished all snakes and women for something his angel did.

    Not the brightest god it has to be said.

  • steve2

    The Watchtower never fails to tie itself in knots of inconsistenciesby saying one thing, then immediately afterwards saying another. God protects overall, brothers and sisters were spared, "in this instance", and the unspoken part, sometimes not.

    If the local congregations can "study" this sort of tripe, and not doubt, little wonder they are not at all troubled by what their own organization says and does.


    JWs don't think too far ahead.

    They don't realize that WTBTS dogma states that the rank&file dubbies are not children of God.

    Unless you are "anointed", you must continually have your obedience to Jeehoober (WTBTS INC.) tested. Then someday, just maybe, you will earn the chance to earn the prospect, to live long enough to prove yourself to Jeehoobidoob; then he will release "Satan" ( The Evil being that Jeehoober allowed to exist and corrupt his creation, thus making us all subjected to futility; doomed to struggle to be obedient while Jeehobo's Angels find plumbing leaks for Witlesses..) from the abyss to test any who happen to make it 1,000 years into the Neo-Zionist Communist regime one last time.

    Yes, even after 1,000 years of living in a Utopia of assigned housing and meeting attendance, Jeehoobster still can't read hearts correctly. He can't zap evil-hearted ones, while preserving good ones. No, he absolutely must unleash evil to test his prospective family members! This intergalactic hazing is necessary, even though God doesn't test anyone with evil.

    Meanwhile, the Pedo-protecting GB have it made in the celestial shade. They are kicking back in Heaven, awarded with immortality, a gift that not even the Angels are worthy of! Just imagine, TOMO is an immortal being, he can never be destroyed; he is a God!

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, you must not even think of a sinful thought for eternity; otherwise, you will be instantly destroyed. This fate awaits you, despite decades of faithful service, followed by 1,000 years of loyalty and a final test ( Not from God, cause he don't do that...) when evil is intentionally released upon mankind by the being who allowed its existence in the first place.

    Paradise Earth under Jeehoobster's regime? No Thanks...


  • Divergent

    Hey Data-Dog, God has to unleash Satan so that he can get the party started. Great entertainment for those in heaven! And he never likes to read hearts, just has that ability but doesn't want to use it. That's why he uses Jesus & the 144,000 to judge, with Anthony Morris sitting at Jesus's right hand. Woe to all those wearing tight pants & colored socks!

  • prologos

    lessons: If you try to worship God, you will be killed without warning. If you follow wt in Malawi, you might survive, but you will be raped.

    god makes it rain, and the sun shine on the righteous and the unrighteous.

  • stuckinarut2

    DD, Steve and Simon...well said! can witnesses NOT see the obviousness of this?

    And they say everyone else is "blinded"!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Maybe eventually they will drop that 144,000 number as being ''literal'', but being figurative. Or just eventually stop ''talking'' about the 144,000 all together, should there be another spike or two in the ''memorial partakers'' like there was in the last several years.

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