November 22 Study Article: God is a hypocrite & is NOT impartial!

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  • Divergent

    Another vomit-inducing study article. Would just like to highlight a few paragraphs from it (Blondie would probably do a more in-depth analysis as usual):

    9 First of all, Jehovah reveals the truth about himself. He reveals his personal name, which appears more times in the Bible than any other name. In this way, Jehovah draws close to us, letting us know him. (Jas. 4:8) Jehovah also reveals his qualities, the kind of God he is. While the observable universe makes manifest his power and wisdom, Jehovah also reveals through the Scriptures his justice and especially his boundless love. (Rom. 1:20) He is like a father who is not only strong and wise but also fair and loving, making it easy for his children to have a close personal relationship with him.
    So God is fair & loving. Yeah. Let's go on further to see if that is really the case

    Additional points: God reveals his personal name in the Bible. Right. Apparently, he did it in such a way that this so very important name became unpronounceable & forgot to do it in the New Testament!

    15 Certainly, one of a loving father’s priorities is that of protecting and safeguarding his family against any possible harm or serious danger. Jehovah, our heavenly Father, does no less. Of Jehovah, the psalmist says: “He is guarding the lives of his loyal ones; he rescues them from the hand of the wicked.” (Ps. 97:10) Consider an example. How precious your eyes are to you! That is how Jehovah feels about his people. (Read Zechariah 2:8.) How precious God’s people are to him!
    If I am a loving father & my faithful children were really precious to me & I have the power to do so, I would save my children in any situation, NOT depending on the situation or depending on which children! If I can be better than this God who is being described, then something must be really wrong!
    16 One way Jehovah protects his people is by means of his angels. (Ps. 91:11) One angel saved Jerusalem from the invading Assyrians, destroying an army of 185,000 in one night. (2 Ki. 19:35) The apostles Peter and Paul as well as others experienced angelic deliverance from prison. (Acts 5:18-20; 12:6-11) In our day as well, Jehovah’s hand is not short. A headquarters representative who visited a branch in Africa reported that political and religious conflicts had devastated that country. Fighting, looting, raping, and killing plunged the land into chaos and anarchy. Yet, none of our brothers and sisters lost their life in that case, even though many of them lost all their belongings and their livelihood. When asked how they were faring, everyone, with a broad smile, answered: “All is well, thanks to Jehovah!” They felt God’s love for them.
    Another example of cherry-picking. We all know that in Malawi, brothers & sisters lost their lives & many sisters were raped. If it is said that God loves his people according to this experience above, then it can also be said that God loves Malawi people less & is not impartial!
    17 Jehovah has on occasion allowed enemies to take the life of a faithful one, such as Stephen. Yet, God protects his people overall by providing timely warnings against Satan’s crafty acts. (Eph. 6: 10-12) Through his Word and Bible-based publications from his organization, we are helped to see the truth about deceptive riches, immoral and violent entertainment, misuse of the Internet, and so on. Clearly, as a loving Father, Jehovah looks after the safety and well-being of his people.
    Question: Is God partial or impartial to his loyal servants? According to the first sentence in the paragraph above, God is NOT impartial as he is selective in showing favor even though all instances involve his faithful worshippers. This goes against the Bible teaching which says that God is impartial to all!

    I also have a problem with this statement: "God protects his people overall by providing timely warnings against Satan’s crafty acts." Right. Failed date predictions are NOT timely spiritual food!

    Additional points: Is spiritual food more important than physical food? Can you eat a Bible? If I am in a situation which requires immediate physical help, how can God's choosing NOT to help me in the obvious way but giving me "spiritual food" instead help me in my situation???

  • Lieu

    It's a good thing neither Jesus nor his Apostles owned a papyrus shop or worse, thought as JWs. The crowds of thousands would have been expected to happily return home with a scribbled scripture and growling stomachs ... like poor in means JWS leaving a Convention.

    And what the fungolio do my precious eyes have to do with God's feelings of "love"? What if I were born blind??? What kind of numnut came up with that analogy?

  • fastJehu
    3 See what sort of love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are. That is why the world does not know us, because it has not come to know him. 2 Beloved ones, we are now children of God, but it has not yet been made manifest what we will be. We do know that when he is made manifest we will be like him, because we will see him just as he is. 3 And everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself, just as that one is pure.

    But the WT starts with:

    “See what sort of love the Father has given us!”1 JOHN 3:1.

    Who is "us"?

    The second part of this vers says: "children of god".

    So the article should be read:

    “See what sort of love the Father has given to the children of god!”1 JOHN 3:1.

    My understanding is, that the actual teaching says:

    God’s love, however, is expressed in more ways than just caring for us physically. He has also elevated and dignified us by giving us spiritual capacity and helping us to satisfy it. (Matthew 5:3) In this way, obedient mankind has the prospect of becoming part of God’s family, his “children.”Romans 8:19-21.

    WT 2014-03-01 :


    *** jr chap. 14 p. 181 par. 25 You Can Benefit From the New Covenant ***
    25 Jehovah’s promise to forgive sins through the new covenant will reach its fullest extent at the end of Christ’s Millennial Reign. Jesus Christ, together with the 144,000 underpriests, will have restored to perfection loyal humans. After the final test, mankind will then be full-fledged members of Jehovah’s universal family. (Read Romans 8:19-22.) For centuries, all have been groaning under the burden of sin. However, Jehovah’s human creation will then have “the glorious freedom of the children of God,” freedom from sin and death.
    Has the GB changed this, because they write in §11:
    A loving father is deeply concerned about the future of his children, wanting them to have a real and meaningful purpose in life. Regrettably, most people are in the dark about the future, or they spend their life pursuing goals that bring no lasting benefits. (Ps. 90:10) As God’s children, we feel truly loved because Jehovah has promised us a wonderful future. That gives genuine meaning and purpose to our life.

    So a thinking JW must have these qestions, after the deep study of this article:

    Are we now God's children?

    Are we God's children not until the final test after the 1000 years?

    Are God's children in 1. John 3:1 the "sons of god" (the 144.000 - you could think so, if you read the context)?

    Maybe the "normal" JW doesn't know the difference in the doctrine about the sons of god and the children of god.

  • Divergent

    FastJehu, that's deep analysis. Something else for us to think about. Thanks for bring that up!

  • Divergent
    It's a good thing neither Jesus nor his Apostles owned a papyrus shop or worse, thought as JWs. The crowds of thousands would have been expected to happily return home with a scribbled scripture and growling stomachs ... like poor in means JWS leaving a Convention.

    Hey, at least Jesus fed the crowds properly on various occasions. The GB has fed us too... with bullshit!

  • stuckinarut2

    Loved like children?

    Yep, unless you show any sort of free thinking...then you will be punished severely!

  • fastJehu
    1. One way, Jehova shows love (in tis article) is
      "Jehovah counsels and disciplines his children"

    §12 ... Jehovah thus warned Cain when it was apparent that Cain was on a very dangerous course. Sadly, Cain did not heed that warning, and he suffered for it. (Gen. 4:11-13)

    Let me think about this.

    Johovas way of showing love was, to warn "the bad boy Cain" and let him live:

    *** w92 7/1 p. 9 par. 4 Jehovah, the Impartial “Judge of All the Earth” ***
    Perceiving Cain’s wrong reaction when his sacrifice was not accepted favorably, Jehovah lovingly warned him of the danger he was in. An old proverb states: ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Jehovah went as far as he could by warning Cain about allowing his sinful tendency to get the mastery over him. He endeavored to help him “turn to doing good.” (Genesis 4:5-7) This is the first time God called on a sinful human to repent. After Cain showed an unrepentant attitude and committed his felony, Jehovah sentenced him to banishment, tempering this with a decree forbidding other humans to kill him.—Genesis 4:8-15.
    And what was the way to show the love to "the good boy Abel"?

    Does Jehovah warned Abel so save his life?

    Let's review - "what sort of love the Father has given us":

    God warned the bad boy and saved his life.

    God doesn't warned the good boy - he lost his life.

  • Lieu

    Divergent, yeah pretty much my point.

    The whole Cain and Abel episode tells me one thing: God doesn't like vegans because vegans are violent.

  • stuckinarut2
    Yep...he warned the potential murderer, but FAILED to warn the potential victim!
  • Divergent
    We can also go further back from Cain & Abel to Adam & Eve. God did not warn Eve about the serpent, just as he did not warn Abel about Cain. As a resulted, Eve was deceived, ate the fruit with Adam, & they together with all their offspring were punished by God with sin & death. And that bugger Satan is still out there!

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