Now I'm Convinced There Probably Is No God

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  • Island Man
    Island Man
    UFO-ists (what's the correct term here?)


  • Vidiot
    Cold Steel - "No one really knows where the moon came from."

    The Earth's accretion disc from its early formative millennia?

  • Vidiot

    pale.emperor - "Now I'm convinced there probably is no God (due to astronomy)..."

    What, this wasn't enough? :smirk:

  • A Ha
    A Ha
    SBF - All created things are contingent. God is said not to be contingent. That's the best argument for God in my view.

    This seems too circular to be useful, as you're baking "created" into your argument. "Let's assume God, assume He created everything, then reason that, since everything else is created, it must prove an uncreated and non-contingent being, which we'll call... oh I don't know... how about 'God'."

    For this argument to have any persuasive power, it would need to establish that the universe was created--or at least that it's contingent. Failing that, your second point fails because it presents only one option for non-contingency, when there are other--perhaps better--candidates for the job.

    That doesn't mean it's not "among the best" arguments for God, it just shows how bad all the arguments are.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Vidiot ยป The Earth's accretion disc from its early formative millennia?

    Not likely.

    One of the problems with the "Capture Theory" is that the odds of a rogue body being caught by Earth and placed in such a perfect orbit are astronomical (no pun intended). But if Earth was created by a supreme being, the odds are not relevant. Even if the moon was formed somehow, how would it end up in its present orbit?

    Yeah, I know about the monkeys and the typewriters, and maybe it was just happenstance -- a one in a billion shot -- but it's also possible it was put there to stabilize the Earth and make life possible for man.

  • cofty

    If we extrapolate known planetary systems then we can safely assume the universe contains many billions of planets many of which have one or more moons. A percentage of those planets will have conditions favourable for life. Some of those will far more accommodating than our planet.

    Positing magic to explain the moon is risible.

  • Heaven

    Cold Steel, our seasons are due to the axial tilt of the Earth.

  • ssn587

    Crafty benefited also.

  • ssn587

    Really the question is did God make mankind or did mankind make God?

  • ssn587

    God is an E.T.?

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