Matthew 24:34 NEW UNDERSTANDING (January 2018 JW Broadcasting)

by Alfred 57 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Giordano

    Another example of what it looks like to paint yourself into a corner. Your WTBTS in action.

  • WTWizard

    Keep stringing up the generations like Christmas lights. There seems no limit on how many generations can be strung up in one continuous line. It just goes until joke-hova succeeds in enslaving the whole world under communism.

  • careful

    The most accurate thing on the chart: the three question marks!

    It's quite interesting that Fred Franz (FWF) plays such a huge role in DS's thinking, particularly given how DS and GB II have jettisoned so much of FF's thinking during the past decade (the rev. NWT, types/anti-types, the ID of the F&DS). But then consistency has never been the org's strength, especially so with the current group in power. I'm sure that in their minds it seems quite consistent with a "chariot on the move"...

  • ttdtt

    They just need to push it off long enough so they (the GB) will all be dead and dont have to deal with it.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Doesn't this look like one of those "time-share" (haha) rip offs?

  • waton

    assuming this is real.

    1) Ages are not to scale, even Franz's time line, 21 in 1914, should be shown to reach to the Great Tribulation.

    2) Another one like him, would be 46 today and should be shown to reach past 2070,

    3) Splane said earlier, there are possibly older anointed, baptized younger, living longer, -- so they should show 2075 before the great Tribulation

    4) the elephant in the room:

    Jesus said "all these things will pass" before the generation dies. Splane contradicts Jesus. the line shows The generation passes, ends, before the Tribulation starts, Armageddon starts, the Judgements finishes with the sheep getting everlasting life.

    with pants on fire, why is there no smoke showing?

  • eyeuse2badub

    His lips will be "overflapping" if tries to 'Splane' that f*cked up chart again. What an insult to intelligent minds!

    just saying!

  • Alfred

    Yikes... I should have posted this under "Jokes & Humour"

  • DesirousOfChange

    Alfred, you forgot to put a SATIRE disclaimer in the first post.

    Remember, many of us here are known for being gullible. We were gullible about everything WTS/JWs told us. Many are still trying to readjust to critical thinking.

    So to be less than subtle -- IT'S A JOKE!!!!

    This is NOT a WT Chart. There is no SUCH broadcast. IT'S A FUCKING JOKE!!

    Of course, it is so believable because the REAL Generation Chart is also a fucking joke!

  • Alfred

    Desirous... yes... it is a joke and I should have stated that immediately... I just thought the chart I made was so preposterously over the top that it would be immediately detected as an obvious joke... but point taken.

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