Don't you think that some people are just better off within the org?

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  • paradiseseeker

    Hi there!

    This is my first post, I will introduce myself later. First of all, I must say that English is not my mother tongue (I'm Spanish), so excuse me if I make any mistake.

    Do you think that some people simply can't cope with being outside the JWs? I do. Some of them are too worldlyphobic to be around non-JWs, too dependent on a fixed set of rules in order to carry on with their lives, too dependent on the hope of paradise and resurrection, too unable to leave their personal comfort zone within the organization. Furthermore, some would even do anything that has been forbidden to them (no matter how self-destructive it is) if they took "God" out of their lives.

    That's one reason why I think that the less invasive, the better our activism will be, as some people just can't bear it and others need to find TTATT gradually and because of their own initiative.

    Tell me your thoughts about it.

  • stillin

    I have no desire to take away somebody's main source of self-worth, even if it comes from a feeble place. They will have to figure things out themselves. I certainly would be honest if asked by somebody who seems disillusioned by the deception in the organization.

    But, yes, these people lean on each other for strength. They are a community in a world that lacks adhesion or a world that even glorifies isolation. In some ways I envy them their naïveté.

  • _Morpheus

    Can of worms: opened.

    A Big debate over more agressive forms of activism and less offensive forms has raged for years. Just a couple of weeks ago it was hashed over again. This will be fun im sure.

  • nonjwspouse

    Due to the destructive nature of the control and pressure, I would have to say no. Though it would be quite hard on those who need others to tell them what to think and do, and need to believe in an eternity on earth. Especially those who have dedicated so much of their lives; invested heavily. Ultimately the borg is destructive.

  • ToesUp

    Yes...our entire family. They could NOT survive without WT. WT is there security blanket and the outside world is a scary place!

  • ttdtt

    I get that and have had the same thought, BUT...

    There are many other things or institutions that could have provided what people who need something that the WT provides but not be controlling or destructive.

    Being a slave is never the best answer.

  • joe134cd

    Yes I do! My father been one of them.

  • Incognito

    That depends on the definition of 'Better Off'. Just because a person may find the world to be scary and consider the org to be a protection, does not mean that position is healthy, or that membership in the org is really what is best for them.

    If a person is over the age of consent and is mentally capable from a legal perspective, they are free to live their life as they choose. While we may love them and wish to remove them from cult control, it comes down to a choice they make for themselves. If they are attempting to force others including myself, to live our lives in the same manner beyond our will then, that is another situation entirely.

  • Finkelstein

    Tell me your thoughts about it.

    No because people then become mind controlled cult figures in their community, living off the corruption and ignorance of the WTS.

    Religion becomes a social crutch where people are left to leave the head of these institutions do their thinking for them, upon the premise that they are being guided by god when they actually aren't.

    Sure there are behavior control mechanisms the WTS institutes upon its members which truthfully could be said to be beneficial but there are other repressive controls which definitely are not such as refusing a life saving blood transfusion, participating in higher education, the breaking up of families due to one member stepping away from this cult, there is quite a long list if one were to analyze and explore these controls

  • Giordano
    Don't you think some people are just better off within the org?

    Do you think some people were better off in Jonestown? I know that's probably a poor comparison. However with their blood ban the WTBTS kills off more people every year.

    Jonestown hardened my heart when it comes to dangerous high control religions/cults. However if they knock on my door or start to give me a witness I hide my disdain and simply deflect the conversation.

    I was a witness for about ten years....... until I woke up so I try to be respectful to those who have not come to a personal reckoning.

    In my experience a committed JW is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with religion wise. Same with Mormons, Christian Scientists, Scientology etc.

    Welcome Paradiseseeker.... Your English is excellent!

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