Recent Annual Meeting - Asking for Clarification

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    The GB can’t die soon enough for me. Sure, Mark Sandwich-Ton is the youngster of the group, but it can’t go on much longer. There will be some “Splaneing” to do when all the GB die and absolutely nothing happens…

    Enter WT Legal and Gary Breaux and the pillow biters to lead the new cult.


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    A select few get the live stream, fewer even actually there. The ones being seen are leaked copies. In January it us supposed to be released. No idea if there will be instructions to watch it as a congregation (while at home on zoom) like they do assemblies. I am not "in the know" crowd so this is speculation.

    Now I am wondering if it will be edited.

    I wonder

  • carla

    Thank you road to nowhere!

  • FedUpJW

    Now I am wondering if it will be edited.

    It most surely will. IMO it was an intentional slip. Then when edited out and it will raise the question to anyone who has mentioned it in passing to another JDub, "Where did YOU hear what you said you heard?" And there you are, on their radar. Best to keep quiet until after the "official" video, then if it isn't edited something can be said. I believe the governing body would be just that underhanded.

  • Gorb

    There was some impact in our family. Grandpa was mad that his JW son and daughter, my father and aunt went on holiday in 1975.

    In 1979 my father was angry about the society stand on 1975. With the WT article with statement about being wrong he was satisfied

  • hoser

    To this day some in my family deny that the watchtower ever said anything about 1975 being the end. Others sold their houses and pioneered in a motor home until the money ran out and they were disgruntled and left “the truth”, but they just a an unthankful attitude and didn’t appreciate Jehovahs loving provisions.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I just breezed through the Annual Meeting video. You only need to listen to the final talk by Tony3 as for as this topic.

    IMO, Yes!!! He is kicking the GT can down the road. Interestingly, most of what he says is exactly what people have been whispering. (And I always find it interesting that this is how they always address these issues, ie, 1914 being 100 years ago. When they end their silence they tackle it head on and put some good spin on it.)

    This time it is: Mom is dead. Grandma is dead.Great grandma is dead. And now I'm as old as they were when they died. Yet, they all felt (as I do) that they were going to live right through the GT and Big A and stroll right on into the Panda Petting Paradise. But instead they all died. No Paradise in sight. Still they are to be commended because they were always "On the Watch" and "living in expectation". AND....... all that doesn't really matter because when they wake up in the resurrection it will be as if they had just slept through the night but awakened into Paradise.

    WHAT HE FAILS TO SAY is that these people had put the rest of their lives "on hold". They had not saved and planned to get old because they were assured that they would NEVER get old. But as usual, he blames it all on them. He reads the verse that "no one knows the hour, ...... not even the son". SO............ they ignored the Bible. Yes, my friends, it's all their own fault!!

    SO.... HE ALSO FAILS TO SAY that everyone of them was assured by "God's F&D Slave" that they would not die and that they would walk right into Paradise. These people did not all pull this bullshit out of their @$$. We all know that WT Leadership has been beating that drum of "IT'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER" for over 100 years! They only pull out that scripture that "no one knows" when it's convenience for them to cover their ass of failures.

    So, brothers and sisters, it is still RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. But the corner is still so damn long that you very well may get old and even die before we make the turn. Amen.


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    As with the secretive Shepherd book, the annual meeting is *ONLY* for the ones specifically invited and has to be kept all secret and confidential!! leaving the mediocre lousy dirtbag ordinary jw's to wait several months until January to get the holy spoutings.

    And it's all for no reason at all. There's nothing newsworthy or remarkable about any of the 2021 content. That's probably what they want to keep secret.

  • asp59

    Didn't Morris say at beginning of pandemic that this is it. The moment we been waiting for? I Saw the video he saying that.

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