JW's on my front sidewalk

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    OTWO- Hey you did the best you could. Tried reasoning with them at every angle possible. You even gave them a chance to pull their heads out of their rear end- but they stubbornly just stayed inside their mind controlled comfort zone. It's like talking to a brick wall after awhile- but although they wouldn't admit it to you openly- they won't forget what you told them and who knows- if they get alone on a computer while making sure nobody is watching- they may indeed google what you told them to check out due to curiosity. One can only hope. Great job. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    Lastmanstanding, if there's no help, fine. But many are looking at stuff and coming out all the time. Good wishes for your plan.

    JRK, I could say I don't care if they look into matters or not. But that is not entirely true. Even stranger elder JW's are captives of the cult same as I was, and while I usually don't engage them in discussions, I always hope they look into information. I typically let it go for my own peace and sanity, but I hope every captive the best.

    Scratchme1010, thanks.

    ShirleyW, LOL. I didn't even recruit on Christmas as JW. I gave people their space to be with family.

    Smiddy3, yes they asked for it. Only reason I gave it.

    Junk Yard Dog, It will have to be a coffee, thanks.

    Redpilltwice, that is brilliant- "We all need to keep telling them (gently) NOT to go from door-to-door if they don't know the facts and refuse to do research." I would have added that- "If you aren't aware of your own organization's activities and events that affect that organization, you shouldn't be out here."

    Wing Commander said "...they are easily fooled into believing Satan and the Apostates are out to get them. The Spanish JW's are some of the most brainwashed believers out there."

    I get your thoughts on how they are "all in" but many American JW's are (and others), regardless of their language, color, ethnicity. I also tended to be "all in." I consider it possibly easier to wake up from the religion from a jolt if one is "all in."

    I wasn't prepared to speak, as I usually do not. I wish I had thought to mention G. Jackson on youtube.

    My Name, true. Maybe they will find some water for that seed.

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    Flipper, page 3

    Hey, I know JW1 was an elder, JW2 may have been an MS. I was there. I felt strong enough in my own JW spirituality to freely research. And many mainstream references can be found. One never knows.

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    Zoos, I guess you have a point. I should have said, From now on they’ll have to pretend they haven’t heard of the UN involvement and the ARC.

  • Dagney


    I would like to chat with some JW's I don't know for a change. Need to land on something short and sweet that might make them think.

    I told my brother (elder) "I do not put my faith in men" staring straight into his eyes. He got my point, as he had tried to bring up the FDS/channel. He didn't say a word. I feel like trying that out again on some unsuspecting JW's.

    Failed predictions/prophecies. New light/adjustments doesn't cut it. God doesn't give wrong information. The god thing is for their benefit, throwing it in there.

    The ARC videos are one of the most compelling things to watch. If only they would.


  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Great post OTWO !

    Had something sort of like this happen to me a few days ago : went to a JW owned restaurant for a take out and told the friend that to be honest with him I had DA'ed, am still Christian and that all the pressure and false expectation were the cause of my mental breakdown a decade ago.

    Spoke about 1914 as being end of system and that McMillan author of Faith On The March stood on the Brooklyn bridge waiting to be elevated up. Then outed Rutherford's 1925 false prediction Millions Now Living Will Never Die on him followed by how he was then sure that WW2 was really it, only to die then and there. 1975 and how I have read, heard and even remember hearing as a kid from numerous sources how it all really went down, even though the 'society' says otherwise.

    By this time he wasn't speaking too much, but was listening attentively.

    Finally I said the generation of 1914 are now all dead and that my greatest sadness was to come to the realization that I'm growing old and will most likely die in this system, but still do believe we are living in the end times. ( he liked that ! ) Also that I was gullible and had obviously been duped.. that we all need to plan for the future regardless of what the society tells him and that I'm in the process of planning my retirement in 10 years or so. Spoke all of it in witness newspeak which is probably why he didn't shut down and kept listening.

    Then wished him a nice 'vacation' ( Holiday's ) , shook his hand and left. He seemed happy. Got in my car with the takeout and didn't know if I should cheer or cry..

  • OnTheWayOut

    Good point, Steve2.

    Dagney, I think some will get curious and view the ARC videos. Who knows? It's a crap shoot.

    Introvert2, that's a great story. I am glad to facilitate your telling it. It is tough to decide on the "cheer or cry" thing. Sometimes one for me, sometimes the other.

  • punkofnice

    OTWO - I enjoyed reading that. No doubt, when they get back to the kingdumb hell, they'll twist it to be a fantastic 'experience™' of how a 'worldly person™' was shown the 'truth™' about WBT$ and how clean a cult it is.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Punk, they will say that this guy said they rape children as an initiation, but they set him straight on how they abhor and do all to prevent abuse. Thanks for a laugh.

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