JW's on my front sidewalk

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  • lastmanstanding


    Great story. I loved it. But no way to help these poor slogs. I enjoyed reading your story all the same.

    I have given much thought to the day I spill the juice on the local elders after being PIMO for three decades (&counting).

    I have decided to use the same topic as you. With a twist. (Yes, I’ve had a long time to think about it.)

    I am going to hand to said elders, a photocopy of the first Awake article submitted to the UN DPI and ask them what it is. Let them offer their thoughts as they stare at it.

    I will acknowledge whatever thoughts they offer regarding it, if true. (Just a photocopy of an Awake....)

    Then I will say, “it’s not so much the article as the paper it’s on”...

    I am sure they will be puzzled. What could be special about the paper?

    Let the hamsters in their little brains run the wheels up to a higher rpm.

    “That paper” I will say “didn’t come from any photocopiers around here. And I didn’t do the photocopying.

    I will watch their eyes.

    “The letter in my hand”, I will add, “in contrast, is a photocopy that I made and did so on the photocopier here at the hall using the original, so I know it’s not fake”. (Waving paper in the air)

    This must peak their interest. Are they that brain dead that they can’t at least wonder about it?

    Before their brain hamsters get a chance to slow down, I will give the hamsters a triple shot of Red Bull and a double black espresso to wash it back. Then I will continue...

    “That photocopy was made in one of the offices of The United Nations. It is a photocopy of one of many articles found in a filing cabinet at the office of the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.”

    (Pause for effect)

    “It was sent right after the letter in my hand was received from the United Nations DPI.”

    Since I’ve had so long to think about it, I will most definitely record this event.

    I will hand them the letter in my hand and let them read a bit.

    Then I will add... “fifteen years after I found out that the Watchtower betrayed us by partnering with the United Nations, behind our backs, I flew out to NYC to attend a meeting at the very UN office where guys we have called our brothers, on behalf of the governing body, signed applications agreeing to the principles of The Charter of the United Nations and then submitted yearly, for ten years, Awake articles written for the sole purpose of continuing the secret partnership”

    Not sure what comes after this, but I will have my file folder handy with whatever I need and pictures of my visit the the UN DPI.

    The elders I will dump this load on will almost certainly be guys I have known personally for between 30 and 40 years.

    I won’t be concerned about ‘what they gonna do’ because I wouldn’t care less at that point.

    I want to make this sting. I want for word of this to get back to the top. I want for the elders that hear and see to never forget so long as they live.

  • JRK


    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. You gave it a good shot, it is up to them now to do the research or not.

    Good work!


  • OnTheWayOut

    Page 1 answers.

    Finkelstein, yeah- I was still being the tiniest bit guarded so I could say I didn't say anything to be DF'ed. It was thin, they probably would exaggerate what I said, but it still left me wiggle room.

    Fatfreek, Jookbeard, thanks for chiming in.

    steve2, Are you serious, I hope they are able to realize I gave them a couple of outs to just take their leave.

    sparrowdown, I virtually never get into it. It seems pointless. I strived hard to make a point that they could look up easily.

    Zoos, yes. They can continue to deny. I hope they at least look up something because it's harder to deny to ones-self if they read it for themselves.

    D.O.C., I wondered that myself. JW1 may bounce back to JW mode, but JW2 might just do as you say. Here's to hope.

    LV101, I agree. Once I learned some things, it wouldn't go away.

  • scratchme1010

    Congratulations on keeping the conversation going for that long.

  • ShirleyW

    OTWO - Excellent ! Was today the first time you participated in the preaching work on a Christmas morning? Be sure and count your time!

  • smiddy3

    OTWO ,an anti-witness is the best witness to be given.And you did give them the option to walk away.

    So they asked for it.

  • JunkYardDog

    you did very well. have a beer on me

  • redpilltwice

    Thanks for sharing. You did a fantastic job!

    I absolutely love these kind of stories because they give everyone such a beautiful insight on the JW mindset.

    Of course he was sure I was wrong

    He was "sure"?

    God are they brainwashed! I was too but I'd never make such a claim. We all need to keep telling them (gently) NOT to go from door-to-door if they don't know the facts and refuse to do research.

  • WingCommander

    The Latino/Spanish/Mexican JW members in the USA are a superstitious, paranoid group of mindless believers as it is. It comes from their traditional ethnic and Catholic backgrounds. So when they become JW's, they are easily fooled into believing Satan and the Apostates are out to get them. The Spanish JW's are some of the most brainwashed believers out there. Why? Because they are "all in." They and their families came here and were usually converted from the evil Catholic Church, and bought the anti-Catholic JW spin, hook, line, and sinker. So they have a hard time hearing or listening to anything anti-JW.

    I'm sure glad you "clued them in" to what is really up in this freak-show of a cult. Maybe, just MAYBE, they will be curious enough to do their own Google searching after hearing everything you said. Much like you, when I was confronted at my home over the past few years by JW's in the ministry, I told them straight up not to take my word for it, oh no!!! They should search it up themselves, in particular - Governing Body Member Geoffrey Jackson's incredible testimony right in front of the Australian Royal Commission, which is right up on Youtube for anyone to see. Watch their eyes bulge out of their sockets when you lay THAT gem on them!!!

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    OTWO...At least they didn't run away immediately. Maybe you plated a seed of doubt. Who knows?

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