Did You Ever Find The Theolgy of JWs Reasonable?

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  • minimus

    When I was a young man growing up in the religion, I would try to defend whatever the understanding of a doctrine was. I won a lot of arguments based on the idea that I knew better than anyone I was talking to and defended myself admirably. (Lol)....Eventually, I realized I was in a cult but for many years I was a believer and I had faith that the GB knew more that I could understand.

  • Ding

    For awhile I thought it was a very neat system where everything fit together.

    Then I started to see contradictions which, of course, no one would discuss.

    Then I started to see doctrinal flip-flops where teachings changed and sometimes even changed back again.

    The doctrinal system wasn't as neat and tidy as I had thought, and the GB didn't seem nearly as certain about things as the tone of the mag articles lead readers to believe.

    "Jehovah's channel" wasn't the pipeline to God that it claimed to be, and the faithful and discreet slave no longer looked as faithful or discreet.

  • stillin

    It's pure arrogance. But in a humble way.

  • minimus

    They never admit they are wrong! Never!

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Yes did. Believed all of it. Thought it unusual that others couldn't understand that it was the truth.

    Then I had children and I needed to answer their questions and explain what I believed to them and it didn't make sense anymore.

  • stuckinarut2


    I thought it was all true...even when explaining it to others.

    BUT, there came a point in life when suddenly I asked myself WHY is it true...and then the house of cards fell down as I looked critically at it all!

    Now I simply cannot believe I used to think it was all true! How was I so deluded??

  • JaniceA

    When I believed the bible was the inerrant word of god, I thought the JW out up a good argument against the trinity. Then I realized what Christian churches actually teach and I saw that there were real reasons for both sides opinions. Then I realized the bible wasn't historically reliable, nor was it talking to our ideas of truth, fact and that we were indeed unable to ignore the historical church in coming to an understanding of "truth". Then I threw up my hands and figured that if God expected me to figure it out, it wouldn't be debatable.

    If there is a God he either wasn't the author of that mess or if he was, there is no chance of getting to any absolute truth and it's impossible to please the conflicted master of the universe, so why try?

  • Vidiot
    "Did you ever find the theology of JWs reasonable?"


    What choice did we have?

  • minimus

    The teachings cannot withstand the facts. Once you realize how the foundation is so shaky, it’s easy to lose faith in the religion!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was recruited at a desperate time in my life. Jehovah's Witnesses came along when I was most vulnerable and said I was looking for answers to life's deeper questions and that God had a purpose for me.

    I cannot speak for all former believers about why they could not see past the illusion. I was willing to keep studying their doctrines until I saw the illusion only. I needed the illusion to be real. I was looking for validation, a reason to live.

    Even then, "the truth" seemed so bizarre.

    Looking back, I've made some realizations. The Watchtower organization told me they had all the answers to the questions I was asking. The way they did that was that they provided the wrong questions. They told me I was seeking a deeper spiritual truth when all I really sought was an ordinary truth. I hadn't actually started pondering, "Where does life originally come from and where are we going after this life?" I simply wanted to know, "Who am I?"

    When I was learning doctrines, sometimes it seemed that it was necessary to do Biblical gymnastics to make it all work out. A dream in the book of Daniel is supposed to have a second fulfillment indicating the time period when Jesus starts his rule on the earth, allegedly the year 1914. That is based on their claims of when events started before that dream took place and when they must come to an end by applying an unrelated rule from some other unrelated part of the Bible. But if I wanted to see only the illusion.

    I bought it. But NO, it never really seemed reasonable. I just figured that the "real truth" was unreasonable by my standards.

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