If JWs were to change their name what would they change it to?

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  • WireRider

    First and fore most A) the Bible students left - when Rutherford took over forcefully (he was never Russell's chosen heir) half of the "Bible Student's" just left (I wish that could happen again). It was a re-branding of the name to try and save face. B) It has always been a tax dodge - the Watchtower books profits and plays with the non-profit, tax exempt, laws in many countries under the name of a "religious" filing of JW.

    There is the "Jehovah" name that no one believes is even real. Every on knows "Jehovah" was an admitted WRONG translation of YAHWEH. Seriously? How do you get from YAHWEH to "Jehovah", So who are they praying to? How do they know. I think the fictitious name was on purpose. What "God" are they actually praying to? The derivation (in translation) of JEHOVAH is JEH, or god reference, and "HOVAH" refers to liar, and "one that cannot be trusted." Who/what exactly are they praying to?

    The WT has only been around about a 100 years. Most of which has been propaganda, branding, and avoidance of tax laws. They need the JW as a tax shelter.

    Although in less than 100 years they have really f$%&#@ck up the brand name. NO ONE wants them showing up at their door - they are a laughing stock in all forms of media/comedy. I guess there are those that believe when are laughing with them, they think they have "made it" - they are not laughing with you - they are laughing at you.

    But it would make typical sense for them to re-brand and get 100 years of laughter (at them) off their back for a while - and certainly not to be associated/connected to that JW pedophile cult group.

  • Saintbertholdt
    People who read the rumors about a terrible desert god Yahweh and are now willing to peddle propaganda just in case he can save their asses Incorporated.
  • blondie
    International Organization of Christ's Followers
  • slimboyfat
    They like to quote the scripture in Acts about Christians belonging to "The Way". Maybe they could call themselves "The Way" or "Jehovah's Way", promote it as a way of life rather than preaching, same JW initials.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
  • stillin
    The Truthers
  • tiki

    Trolley trolls

    The lemmings

    ........something highlighting self-absorption and isolation from reality.

    ThE gentlemen of governance might well want to modify the name in order to cement their top notch position......but who really gives a hoot....

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  • punkofnice
    Ant's children
  • barry
    Adventist church

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