If JWs were to change their name what would they change it to?

by slimboyfat 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • TheListener
    Jehovah's Christian Witnesses
  • nowwhat?
    The pure scriptural name should be Christian witnesses . what's surprising is no other religion already took it
    NWT Witnesses [there's almost no Christ in JW world]
  • sowhatnow

    According to their logic, They have taken the 'lords name in vain'

    The WT, have claimed the right to use gods 'name' and used it for personal profit,

    either for the means of money, and to gain admiration for themselves.[ That is completely undeniable.]

    They also have not 'learned' supposed bible 'truth', since they keep changing things.

    so if anything, by submitting themselves humbly , [dont hold your breath]

    they should wish be called [Worldwide] Christian bible students .

    That is the most accurate in my opinion.

    although they sure have been called a few other things ......

  • blondie
    Actually the NT uses the concept of Witnesses of Jesus, or Jesus' Witnesses (Acts 1:8). But in Antioch by divine providence Jesus' followers became known as Christians.
  • Listener

    Jehovah's Workers.

    However FDS Workers might be more appropriate. It goes better with their new look commercial Kingdom Halls.

  • betterdaze

    Well, Big Brother and the Holding Company is already taken…

    How about Bank of Yahweh — "Where the Prey Pay to Pray"?

  • Finkelstein

    I see them possibly changing their name when they finally drop 1914 with an intent to distance themselves with that old name sake Watchtower .

    Or dropping the Watchtower image title alone , just like the Awake was once calling the The Golden Age.

    Change is necessary if your going to sustain a presence of viability.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    If the name of the entire religion changed, that would have to wake some in the org up.



  • sparrowdown

    The Kingdom Cart People

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