The New JWdom - Vew of Older Publications? (and other related questions)

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  • BluesBrother

    Old books are derided by the elders . Most dubs I know have ditched their libraries in favour of the website and ,maybe, a cd rom. They all find another use for the space. Kingdom Halls get rid of libraries too .

    Some times if it emphasizes the point a WT will quote an old mag but that is carefully picked and abbreviated by THEM not the readers

  • DesirousOfChange

    And my friends my age just go to the hall and field service to hang around and do stuff, not to learn any bible stuff.

    JWs these days don't study doctrine and don't know shit about JW doctrine. It's their social club.

    I have three girl-friends in the circuit that I really like. They've taught me a lot about life and are so freaking hot. If it wasn't for them, I would know nothing about sex. They are all older than me and the oldest one (28) years old is the one that had taught me everything. She is a wild freaking pioneer that has made me confident with the opposite sex.

    Either there were not girls like that when I was dating (in what seems like the 1900s now) or I was just in the wrong damn crowd! (Of course our young poster friend doesn't say if he's been playing "hide the salami" with her.)

    16 years old and 26 year old pioneer. The story is getting almost too good to be true. Trolling anyone?

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Jehovah lol said;

    I doubt the 28 year old exists outside of his imagination to be honest so I wouldn't worry. No sane woman in her twenties would go near an underage boy, there's nothing less attractive. She's either imaginary or deranged.

    You comment stirred my interest because my first main comment was in relation to the OP, to show that today all you have to do is;

    (All you need to believe is that we are close to the end.)

    My second post was to show that my parents are not research-inclined as the OP suggested. And I pointed out that the elders in my hall don’t even enjoy being elders, since most have told me it’s a pain in the neck. So I doubt they are research-inclined. Then I pointed that most of my friends my age aren’t research-inclined either. Then my next post was just to elaborate a little to Diogenesister about my age and my situation.

    So I was taken by surprise when you made a stink about my situation. So I showed my older brother and asked him what he thought? He explained to me that this site is mostly for Older exjws that were true believers and didn’t figured the con till later in life. So they are very skeptical of everything.

    Ok, that makes sense. But my situation is the real thing and it’s not a big deal. I’m not even close to what others my age are doing.

    I do admit that I have a difficulty understanding why you think my post is imaginary, being that you believed--- for who knows how long, that people could live forever in a paradise earth and pet pandas.

    I mean we are taught in the 8th grade that our brains weigh about 3 pounds and are about 6 inches long. I mean how is something finite able to store memories for trillions and trillions of years? I mean logic tells us that when your computer runs out of space, you need either a new hard drive or you need to pay for a service to store your data. I think most of the kids my age figured out by age 14 that living forever in a paradise was not possible.

    I’m not putting you down, I’m just saying I have a hard time understanding why my story is so hard to believe, but -(living forever, last days, Armageddon, etc)-was not that hard to believe???

    DesirousOfChange said; JWs these days don't study doctrine and don't know shit about JW doctrine

    That’s right DOF, we know very little about WT doctrine. And honestly we don’t see any benefit in learning any of it being that it’s all bull.All you really have to say when you are with a group of old JWs is “The end must be close” and you will keep them off the radar.

    Either there were not girls like that when I was dating (in what seems like the 1900s now) or I was just in the wrong damn crowd!

    I don’t know what to say about that. Maybe (Sorry it didn’t happen for you)

  • slimboyfat

    I've no doubt things like that go on a lot, but it's the odd insertion of the amorous adventures into this thread by a novel poster which renders it implausible rather than intrinsic implausibility of the events described in themselves.

  • millie210

    Magnum I hear you on the puzzlement at what happened to deep researchers. Last contact I had, they all seemed to be using that same energy to learn to use tablets and such.

    I guess most have either left or have gotten very quiet. There are other distractions such as other language Halls that some are using to create some challenge for themselves.

    One big problem is there is no oracle now. Ever since Franz, they were coasting on fumes. The last part of the 90s onward there was a lot of copy/paste going on in the new publications being rolled out, I cant be the only one who saw that?

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