The New JWdom - Vew of Older Publications? (and other related questions)

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  • slimboyfat

    Yes I can remember informal discussions in JW homes, pulling out the Kingdom Interlinear, different Bible versions, old Watchtower volumes. I don't think you get many discussions like that any more. The culture has changed. People just don't take it as seriously any more.

    You do still get some who obsessively keep on top of all the changes in teaching. The Watchtower helpfully published a list of changes a few years ago. You can use the library and App for so-called research. Or search a video even. (The introductions to Bible books video series is so incredibly dumb it is mind boggling)

    Plus to answer the question how do we know which anti-types still stand: I think the Watchtower stated that only aunti-types specifically stated in the Bible are now accepted. That would be like Sarah and Hagar, and Melchizedek and a few others. No Jonasdabs, or John class, or Elijah/Elisha and so on, as far as I know.

    It is depressing, but I think JWs are part of a broader trend. Society in general is just a lot less interested in the Bible than it used to be. Even among people who attend church there is not the level of interest there once was. JWs are not immune from this.

  • Spiral

    I've wondered about this, because back in the day we knew a lot of brothers and sisters who took great joy showing how much research they did. One sister in particular had notebooks that she had created herself about prophecy, all indexed and cross-referenced. Impressive (if not overwhelming) to studies. All of it for nothing, after the bOrg decided they weren't in to types/anti-types anymore.

    I know she's still in, so I wonder how she feels about the changes. I don't have much meaningful contact now but it doesn't seem like anyone takes doctrine seriously. The younger generation doesn't have a doctrinal mindset at all. Let's face it, you don't have to know much (such as it is) to stand by a cart or show someone a video on a tablet.

    I don't think anyone reads or thinks about anything before the 90s, as they have been conditioned not to. But - I'm intrigued to think that there are "underground" groups of people trying to discuss research. I wonder what they really think.

    Has the bOrg just thrown out the "Revelation" books and given up on interpretation of what used to be considered the most important prophecies in the Bible?

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Hey Diogenesister

    I'm guessing your about 15 and that twenty eight year old winked at you during the Watchtower study.

    I’m going to be 18 next year. The sister is 28 now, but was 26ish when it happened for me. She cried afterwards because she said if I told anyone, she would get in trouble. There is no way I was going to tell anyone, she changed my world. Plus she is so beautiful and tall. She is 5 foot 10 inches tall and could pass for a model.

    After that wonderful memory, I would go over to her apartment on weekends after service and it just kept happening over and over. She says there is no one her age and only old guys want to date her but she says she would not be happy with any of them.

    And she doesn’t mind if I see other girls. She wants me to find someone my age but the other two girls that I see are older than me also. But I don’t mind because they are just as hot and there is no brothers their age either in their Kingdom Hall and they hate when old guys in their 40s and 50s ask them out. So instead they are always having me over and treat me like a prince. I tell no one about them either, plus they are in different Kingdom Halls which is good for all of us. We just have to be careful.

    I normally hang out in exjw reddit because most of the posters are my age and we share similar experiences. Ever once and while I keep hearing about this Franz guy who was president, and I’ve see his picture on the internet, but I can’t figure out why old JWs thought he was this smart guy. To me he looks like this tiny old man. What was so special about him??? I don’t even think he ever got married from what I hear. I’m not sure why that is a big thing.

  • smiddy3

    This is a very interesting subject Magnum .

    I hope i can add my 2 cents worth that get people thinking also.

    The GB/FDS class claim they are Spirit Directed,by Jehovah God and Christ Jesus since as they claim Jehovah /Jesus approved them to dispense food (spiritual) at the proper time some 140 or so years ago.

    OK ,they were International Bible Students then later to become Jehovah`s Witnesses

    Any, even superficial look at what JW`s have taught over the 140 years of their existence and their subsequent dropping of that belief or in some cases reversal of a particular belief or in other cases adopting a previous rejected belief as now being an accepted doctrine surely one has to wonder what the Holy Spirit is doing .

    Not to mention of the 6 thousand years ending in the late 1800`s only to be resurrected again in 1975 .

    All of their holy ones to be taken to heaven in 1914 that they were prophecying about for the past 40 years.

    And all this has happened in the last 140 years of Jehovah`s chosen people for these last days.

    These are just some of the false/errant teachings of JW`s/GB in these last 140 years there are many more.

    Now the point is this

    The Bible was written /completed some 2000 years ago ,how many times have these Bible writings been subjected to revisions ,corrections,contradictions ,etc,etc. in 2000 years ? That changed the core beliefs and doctrines ? not once .What was written 2000 years ago is basically what is written today

    That cant be said for Jehovah`s Witnesses as their history stands in their short history of 140 years.

    "Their history" that brings up another subject where they like to re-invent themselves.(such liars )

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Havent been to a meeting for at least 10 yrs, so much of what I know I hear through family and friends and this website.

    I agree with what some of you guys are saying. It seems that the org. is playing it safe and is trying not to add to their enormous list of outrageous proclamations that never come true.

    Maybe they are happy to let the years sail by so that the upcoming younger ones forget all about the failure of the generation prophecy and all the other stuff.

    As someone once said here, all they do is print magazines and accept donations based on speculation about bible prophecies.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    there will soon be a new name : IBWA for International Broadcasting Watchers Association

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The alleged "faithful slave" wasn't being very discreet when they "recommended" to their followers that only WTBTS propaganda publications from the year 2000 onwards be used for personal study/research - because of all the "new lights."

    Any JW's who ignore this "advice" and who discuss "old lights," will be seen as not keeping up with the org's chariot.

  • freddo

    So "I believe in overlapping" tells us (by my arithmetic) he was 15 when a 26 year old pioneer jw woman started having sex with him.

    If he were a she and she were a he we'd be crying "abuse".

    Funny old world eh?

  • stuckinarut2

    Great Thread!

    Yes, as I may have mentioned before, it was around 6 or 7 years back that the coordinator told us to gather all the books older than 1980 from the KH library during a work day.

    He told us to throw them all away on the rubbish pile that was to be taken to the tip.

    When I objected to "this destruction of our rich spiritual heritage", he became irate and stated that this was a direction from the local bethel branch office (which he was a bethel elder at too btw)

    Rather than throw them, I stashed them under the hall in a box, and over time read SO MANY. It was this that started my awakening process!

    Now I see why Bethel wanted the books destroyed! Reading all that stuff was enough to confirm that this religion was based on CRAZY!

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol
    I doubt the 28 year old exists outside of his imagination to be honest so I wouldn't worry. No sane woman in her twenties would go near an underage boy, there's nothing less attractive. She's either imaginary or deranged.

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