So there are only 12 magazines left!

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  • sir82

    When I was a reg aux pioneer, the back bone of the ministry was always route calls, Going out to people every 2 weeks with the latest magazines.

    With the same 12 magazines on loop, then how does that work anymore?

    How will the dubs pad out their times now?

    ^^^ This.

    JWs have gradually become averse to actually discussing anything. The slightest objection will lead to a "Oops, we've got people waiting for us, gotta go!"

    The GB thinks that reducing "literature" content will somehow force JWs to converse with people? To suddenly be capable of defending their beliefs? Beliefs which might, literally, be reversed tomorrow, with the introduction of "new light"? Beliefs which most JWs can't even articulate, let alone defend (overlapping generations? a loving God is poised to slaughter 7.5 billion people? blood is forbidden, unless you break it down enough before accepting it?)

    Lotsa luck, guys. You'll need it.

  • jp1692

    With only six magazines being published a year it will now take 32 years to get that "college education" that the WTBTS used to tout so loudly and proudly.

  • Littleleslie

    Hi Smitty3:

    You said:

    The Interesting "Locust Letter" ... Written Back In April 12th,1991!
    It would be more credible if the original letter of the time or a verification of it at that time could be produced to verify its authenticity.
    Its all very well to quote a 2014 copy of the letter ,how about the original ?
    just saying.
    I've personally seen the original letter myself and another person who posts here has seen it too.

    Anyway, what you suggest sounds like a good idea.

    I'll see if I can get a scan of the original letter (written back 1991) and get it posted to this topic, in case any one else wants to see a copy of the original.

    Also, maybe I can get a copy of the original letter put up on the website where I found this quote too, since I know the webmaster of the site..

    Okay, I'm working on it.



    Here is a scan of the Locust Letter from 1991:

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