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  • LV101

    Agree, loneranger, the corrupt cult would take advantage of anything and everyone - the crooked 8 are the rags to riches success story and they'll hang on to Rolexes and penthouses (compared to their former lives) forever and can't blame them -- unless, of course, their consciences started working and Ray Franz was a one in a billion -- and no chance of that EVA happening. I can't imagine bankruptcy proceedings being that negative for them and would cause the flock to dig in their heels and help their masters out all the more. Can't stop stupid.

  • Ding
    When I was studying with JWs, they made sure to tell me that the WT never takes up collections...
  • LV101

    Yea, they blathered on how no collections -- WTH would they need collections and a few coins on a plate when they start begging and hounding for all of one's assets from jewelry, land, stocks, bonds, anything/everything -- not only on a corporate level but their adherents need work, legal, medical, psychological -- basics of life including clothes and anything you might be tossing in the trash barrel. It's pathetic -- very sad that the cult is so greedy and expects them to remain in poverty and give them everything valuable so they can live like royalty at the vatican compound.

  • loneranger

    I was a Catholic for 35 years before I became a JW...Cathollics have two collections at each mass. So what. That is there method of seeking funds. In all my years as a Catholic, I had never been badgered or shamed into giving. On the other hand, the JWs have getting funds down to a science and they are relentless. Their method of collecting is far move invasive and in your face than the Catholics ever were. The "never ask for collections" speech is total BS.

  • smiddy3

    At least the Catholics despite their problems have spent millions of Dollars on their charitable organizations which are many with the contributions they receive helping all people despite their personal beliefs.

    The Jehovah`s Witnesses should be exposed as liars for the claim they are a charitable organization as they only benefit the GB members and their associates with all of the money and assets they rake in.

  • LV101

    I agree smiddy3 -- their fraud re/charitable organization (when it's a con game) needs to be "exposed" along with their pedophile problems.

  • HiddenPimo

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