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  • loneranger

    The money Grab continues!! At a very recent circuit assembly (USA), the accounts overseer gave the typical accounts report for the CA in the early afternoon. There were 2100 people at the assembly. He stated that the expenses for the one day assy were $31750.58...that's right $31750.58. This included the expenses for the use of the WTS owned facility (Orangeburg SC) of $11750.58 PLUS a charge of $20,000.00 from the Branch to help defray the costs of renovations and improvements to Assembly Halls in the Branch territory?

    WTF...$20,000...and they want the $$$$$$$$$$ before the ASSY is over. Thus, the deficit at about 2pm was $26,000 (or $11750.58 plus the $20,000.00 less about $5000.00 received in the morning already. $26K in the HOLE???

    A wannabe came on stage and slickly gave 5 scriptures as to why we should pour out our resources to Jehovah now! Even though he owns everything already and could probably print perfect $100's in about 9 seconds!!

    They must be claiming this from every circuit at their circuit assembly day. Can any others verify this?

    The money grab is just never ends...and there is absolutely no transparency as to the financial status and cash flow of the WTS. They must be really concerned about their cash flow and financial stability relative to the uncontrolled liability of the pedo lawsuits

    .Even the hundred of millions of dollars made with the sale of the Brooklyn properties isn't enough. Steal more from the gullible and hard pressed.

    What are they improving or renovating? Assy Halls...not likely

    These assemblies are truly a money pit which now seems to be gettnig worse.

  • steve2

    The Judge was wrong on so many things - but right on one fundamental: "Religion is a snare and a racket."

  • loneranger

    Steve...I agree...religion pays much better than even you always can roll out the big guy when you want more action.

  • sparky1
  • Crazyguy

    So they’ve decided to push for about $15 per head. That’s definitely up from the 5-10 just a couple years ago. I also think they figure out what demographic their in when they come up with these numbers. Example LA California higher then Tulsa Oklahoma.

  • john.prestor

    loneranger, were you there for that? I can remember sitting in the audience at assemblies wondering why the "expenses" were so high (usually 10k for a weekend), but I've never heard/seen anything like that.

  • pepperheart

    They are not printing 50 million magazines a month now either

  • loneranger

    John Prestor...I was there...never heard of a special charge from the branch added to the usual assembly costs...Sunday Dec 16

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think lots of JWs are just saying NO. Of course, those wanting to climb the ladder will kick in more.

    OR, if there is a shortfall after the assembly, they will just send a bill to the individual Congs demanding they pay.

    My elderly mother has quit contributing. Period. She knows they have BILLION$ from the Brooklyn sale and that they are spending MILLION$ for the child abuse lawsuits.

    Hey there JDUBS! JUST SAY NO!

  • loneranger

    Desirous...I know of an elderly lady (mid 80's) ...long time in Maryland and..quite wealthy...who also has stopped giving to the WTS at all...why...on a tour recently, she felt Warwick was overdone and that the luxury apartment complex on the Hudson for "retired" bethelites was over the top too. Doesn;t even know of the pedo liability...she feels the org is not transparent and is poor at spending money and getting value.

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