Favourite Comedy Quotes

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  • Hecce
    All good, thanks for the quotes
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Melchett: You're damn right there's something the matter. Something sinister and grotesque. And what's worse it's going on right under my very nose!

    Blackadder: Sir, your moustache is lovely.

  • freddo

    Blackadder is entertaining his relatives Lord and Lady Whiteadder - extreme protestant puritans - in the hope of getting an inheritance from them.

    He offers Lady Whiteadder a pair of earmuffs to keep out the cold.

    Lady Whiteadder: "No, thank you! Cold is God's way of telling us to burn more Catholics!"

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Blackadder has announced he'll travel round the Cape to impress Queenie. Lord Melchett steps forward, scroll in hand:

    "Farewell, Blackadder. The foremost cartographers of the land have prepared this, it's a map of the area that you'll be traversing. They'd be very grateful if you just fill it in as you go along."

    It's a blank sheet of paper.

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