As A Former JW Are You Patriotic At All?

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  • minimus

    Great comments....and beautiful patriotic pictures!

  • LV101

    Yes - I'm patriotic and proud to be an American. I appreciate our founding fathers/constitution and the freedom we enjoy -- how long the democracy will last is a crap shoot. The US is the most generous country in the world.

  • minimus

    Would you wear a patriotic sneaker?

  • minimus

    Maybe even a pair, lol

  • LV101

    I'd wear patriotic sneakers and would grab a pair on amazon (heard Nike's are a grand or 2? -- that's half/or a third of my new Chloe or Chanel handbag!) so didn't bother checking out. Might have to hire a body guard but I did order a Trump baseball cap and plan to wear it at an art presentation. There are so many rude, obnoxious, aggressive, (omg), insulting, Acorn-type nutbags, and I refuse to be intimidated -- and I won't indicate which ethnic plays the leading role in this group.

    Vanderhoven's video didn't do me much good -- I'm already off to the road of destruction.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am a world citizen, concerned about all people. So no, not really patriotic. Still, I want what is good for the United States- just not at the expense of people elsewhere.

    But I will wear red, white, blue stuff and flag stuff. That's because I feel a sense of slapping Watchtower in the face when I do it .

  • Searril

    Jehovah’s Witnesses were drilled with the idea that all governments are from Satan and that we should have nothing to do with anything involving support of the government, voting, or political talk for one party or another.

    Now that you are out, is patriotism important to you? Is voting important to you? Are you supportive of your country?

    Dubs believe a lot of stupid crap that's not in the bible. I'm a libertarian.

  • vivalavida

    What is a guy like me to do? Born in Panama, from a Venezuelan mother and a German father, raised in Honduras and now living in Germany. Yes, that Honduras and that Venezuela.

    To be honest, having lived in ALL of those countries at different times of my life, I learned to love them and appreciate them, but it was always hard to be patriotic per se. I consider myself a citizen of the world, and I've learned that it is more about the people and not the subjective concept of "nation". In every country I have lived, I have found lovely people, as well as people who were relatively easy to despise.

    Do I vote here in Germany? Of course I do! I am part of this society now, so I participate in it.


  • snugglebunny

    I don't buy into the "being proud to be British, American, Australian..whatever. IMHO, that's just as daft as being proud to be gay or white or black. If you're going to be proud of anything it has to be as a result of some sort of achievement. Not just an accident of birth.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    If you're going to be proud of anything it has to be as a result of some sort of achievement. Not just an accident of birth - yeah, ok.

    I think there are good reasons for being proud of the UK, the US and other western countries. Think of all the achievements the west has done. It's thanks to western medicine that HIV positive Eskimos or Australian Aborigines can have a relatively good life.

    It would be entirely understandable, too, if Japanese people are extremely proud of Japan.

    And Haitians ... er, nah, forget Haitians. XD

    So, I think it's entirely reasonable to be proud of your country's achievements.

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