2018 Convention movie: Jonah.... oh my god it's bad......!

by stuckinarut2 63 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • stuckinarut2

    I would love the guys from "God Awful Movies" podcast to do a review of this film!

    (If you haven't yet checked them out, do so... They are from the same group that do "Scathing Atheist" and "Citation Needed" etc...)

  • sparrowdown

    This piece of crap production is crying out for a parody review stuck it's comedy gold.

  • Vidiot

    Yeah, I never heard about that one either.

    Pretty sure the guy would have gone blind and suffocated from the fumes in the animal's stomach, even if - by some miracle - several days' worth of breathable air had somehow still been in there (digestive acid notwithstanding).

    BTW, frozen mammoths really have been found. Just sayin'.

  • Vidiot

    That's weird... my post above (in response to sir82's on the previous page) was entered yesterday, but it only just showed up now.

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