2018 Convention movie: Jonah.... oh my god it's bad......!

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  • Della Street
    Della Street

    What's up with the hate on Lloyd Evans?

  • dozy

    Whatever happened to "Do not go beyond what is written" ? As ever , the Society has glossed up the whole account with made-up characters that don't appear in the original story.

    Even when I was an active JW , I always found the Jonah story a difficult one to swallow ( pun intended ).

  • steve2

    Long story Della. I think the fairest way to answer your question is to direct you to some recent threads where that very question is discussed. I don’t know how to make the links on my cellphone - but perhaps some other helpful poster could do so?

  • steve2

    The JW dramatisation does a good job of letting the viewer see how unbelievably incredulous the story of Jonah is - and not just because of his supposedly surviving three days in the fish’s stomach either.

  • _Morpheus
  • pale.emperor

    Love how Jonah's sister is an airhead who just cooks and cleans and blindly believes anything she's told.

    Wasnt aware he even had a sister.

  • freddo

    Exactly P.E.

    Lloyd's commentary posits that she is put in the video (no mention of Jonah having a sister or a wife in the Bible) to represent a good loyal wife urging her reluctant "loved one" to do as Jehovah says without question.

    I understand that it would be to much of a stretch for even the WT to give Jonah a wife in this video for him to leave behind while he goes off doing Jah's will - but fast forward to the present day and she is there as a role model for all the loyal sisters to urge their male family members to "put Jehovah's (AKA the GB's) requirements first and foremost.

    And woe betide any male jw who wavers because said loyal (to the GB) wife/sister/mother will get their panties in such a bunch that their marriages and family life will come crashing down before they admit it's a bunch of hooey.

    RANT narrowly avoided.

  • Finkelstein

    The biggest folly of religious indoctrination is the acceptance of ancient mythology as something factual when in actuality it's fictional story telling expressed with its own unique original intent. .........and that is " The Truth "

    Its just bit more fear mongering to control people's thoughts and behavior, see what happens when you disobey Jehovah ,

    Oh Oh you better do what his chosen organization says, you know the men who run the Watchtower Publishing house.

  • sparrowdown

    Doesn't matter Jonah, Noah, Lot, Job ...same message different characters, all roads lead to "listen obey and your blessing will be not dying horribly at armageddon."

  • Finkelstein

    Fear is the most used human emotion of conscious awareness the WTS uses to control people's thoughts and behavior.

    The Watchtower Corporation is essentially a fear mongering apocalyptic religious publishing house.

    How severe in effecting people's social behavior is indicatively displayed in people forfeiting their lives by refusing a blood transfusion, dissolving close family relationships when a member decides to leave the religion and there is a very long list of behavior controls which JWS enact upon on a daily basis..

    Without imposing fear and exploiting people's ignorance the WTS would have never gotten off the ground and would have died out a long time ago.

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