Still no U turn on vax mandates for all schools

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  • Nostromo

    It is interesting how many witnesses have woken up because of this issue. I was just watching some new interviews on Beroean Pickets youtube channel and almost everyone mentioned that this was the last straw for them.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    This pandemic,,could be a pinnacle of people waking-up in the Borg

    The Borg clearly is its worst enemy.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    The vaccine issue is the largest reason for PIMIs waking up. Before this they always had no doubt about following direction even if they didn’t agree but now they have doubts that the vaccine was as safe and effective as the GB direction said it was.

    Be interesting to see next Kingdom ministry school if the coordinator still has to ask everyone individually to confirm if they are fully vaccinated like happened last year.

    Apparently there were many brothers who were not allowed to go because they were not fully vaccinated

  • Kosonen


  • jehovaxx
    Beth Sarim5 months ago

    This pandemic,,could be a pinnacle of people waking-up in the Borg

    The Borg clearly is its worst enemy


    When chatting to one’s we haven’t seen for a while it’s a good thing to ask are you going to get your latest boosters? If not why not? If they are safe and effective then why not keep getting them couple of times per year?

    All Jws are going against direction if they don’t get latest boosters then they are no longer fully vaccinated

  • hoser

    I was raised in a 1970’s jw household and thought that jws were anti vaxxers.

    Maybe my parents/grandparents were still reading the shit judge Rutherford wrote in the 1930’s

  • jehovaxx
    • Now so many are questioning the direction to remain fully vaccinated some are deciding not to keep following direction and stop getting the latest boosters. This means after six months they are no longer fully vaccinated.

      If they choose not to follow direction in this one thing then they also start to question direction in other things. This starts then on the path to question everything. Once they are on this path they start to develop critical thinking and read the Bible through new lenses.

      This is the stage they wonder is it worth leaving and considering everything some choose to physically stay, and this is where JW Lite is a great option.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    Don't think they imitated the US Secretary of Defense yet, in requiring a face shield.

    'After the disgraceful conduct they had towards our soldiers now the Army has the gall to ask them to come back, (because yes, they desperately need them).'

  • ElderBerry

    Absolutely, we are seeing this all over.

    The U.S. Army is telling unvaccinated former soldiers who were kicked out of the military for refusing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that they can potentially rejoin the force, as the military

    struggles to draw new recruits.”

    Miners were given a choice no jab no job. Most refused the toxic jabs and lost their jobs. The mines had to slow down and now begging the unvaxed to come back.

    Same with doctors, nurses in fact in the UK anyone in the health industry were given the choice no jab no job. Now they are begging the unvaccinated to come back to work.

    Will it be the same with unvaccinated Elders who were not allowed to go to elders schools? Time will tell but we know the GB are stubborn as mules

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