The new Caleb and Sophia Video is a shameless plug for money

by HiddenPimo 28 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WTWizard

    So now people are not supposed to save money at all. Starting with the piggy bank--next, I suppose bank accounts will also have to be emptied into the washtowel. Joke-hova owns everything, and wants us to enjoy nothing.

    This means saving towards a down payment for a house or security deposit on an apartment is impossible without "stealing" from joke-hova. Or making a down payment on a car. And suits--getting a decent one is not cheap. It takes roughly an ounce of gold to get a suit that is going to look nice and be durable. Cheaper ones can be had, but are usually quite sloppily assembled, use flimsy material, or do not last. Save up toward a new one? You are stealing from joke-hova who wants that money all for itself.

    This also makes saving for anything else impossible. What about those Israel missions they are squeaking about trying to get everyone to go on? They are not exactly pocket change. You can easily spend as much going on one of those wastefests as for a whole monster box of silver. Now, if that piggy bank with a few quarters can be seized, what about a bank account with about 5,000 times as much that is set aside for one of those Israel missions? Or, I suppose you are to get into debt (the Rothschilds already run the washtowel AND the banks) to finance these stupid things, just so you can be enslaved for life?

  • dozy

    Interesting that they say: First - You should give money. Second - You should pray. The Society used to less brazen about asking for cash all the time. Shouldn't that be the other way round?

  • sparky1

    Hallelujah............Pass us the cash and pray for some more!

  • Olig

    Lastmanstanding that made me chuckle. Skip forward twenty years and we see Sophia laid in a doorway hooked on ice-cream with the caption "don't you wish you spent your money wisely" then fade away into logo

  • BluesBrother

    It is one thing to encourage a generous spirit in children, but when the fat man in suit says "empty your piggy bank and give it to ME"..........

    That stinks

  • blondie

    At least Santa doesn't ask for money but gives gifts, a fat man in a red suit.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Watchtower cartoon characters. What a f*cking joke!

    just saying!

  • fulano

    It's just disgusting and shameless.

  • Listener

    It brings back to mind the pictures of the elderly woman with nothing in her cupboard but still putting money in the contribution box.

    Then there's the following video that they showed at a Convention of an Asian family. The mother was single (widowed?) and caring for three young children. They are so poor, all she can afford to feed them is a bowl of rice. She is worried financially and has the Elders visit whose only comfort are words. They then spend their family worship to make cards for the 'friends' in the congregation. One of the children explains how they can still give by putting 'a little in the contribution box EACH WEEK' along with cleaning and preaching.

    All this brings them joy, as they sit down to their normal meal of white rice.

    It's so sad to know that rather than collecting funds to help the poor, like the family in the video, they are telling the poorest of the poor to give.

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