Sex before marriage.

by nicolaou 22 Replies latest social relationships

  • FedUpJW

    SO many get married young for SEX - then what the fuck happens?

    Well I have heard it said the best cure for a nymphomaniac is to marry her.

  • Diogenesister

    I agree with road to nowhere it’s not even the sex per sa, it’s the inability to get to know a prospective mate intimately AT ALL, even in the sense of spending time being physically close - whatever that means to any particular couple. Never mind having shared interests or things to talk about, even. Since you’re only allowed to be interested in Watchtower.

    its also incredibly damaging having to be a “narc” on your partner ie grassing them up for any perceived watchtower faux pas.

  • iwantoutnow

    If only I got the change to Screw (for me girls) as much as the GB has screwed me!!!!!

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