What’s Your View On Self Defense?

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  • Simon

    Nothing beats being wise and avoiding situations and places that you really don't want to be in.

    But if you do find yourself being attacked, remember: they made that choice and forced any choice that you make as a result onto you.

    So don't feel guilty if you beat the shit out of someone.

    If you have a gun and feel like shooting is justified, then empty the clip and aim for their body and then their head (kill-shot, gangsta-style, with the gun sideways).

  • mickbobcat

    A good way to practice at the range is at about 5 yards or closer and use the proper two handed hold push out not raise up and double tap. Two to the chest. The head is too easy under stress to miss. Two to the chest will knock down anyone.

  • truth_b_known
    If you did have a gun to defend yourself would you shoot to kill or would you simply aim for the ankle to incapacitate the person??

    Firearms are a deadly weapon. First regardless of the shooter's training level, attackers rarely stand perfectly still. Second, when arteries are opened, death can happen in seconds. If you shoot it is reasonable to assume that death will result.

    Self defense is a natural right. The greatest miracle of all if life. It should be protected.

  • mickbobcat

    Never ever try to shoot to wound. Its stupid and if that is your aim you need to get rid of your gun. First off arm or leg shots are much easier to miss, the upper chest is much bigger and has more organs to stop the perp. Some people are not built to use a gun or self defense. You have to be willing to kill. If you can't get pepper spray. Its much less effective. First off it does not go where you want it to in a stress situation it can blow back in your face, and 10 percent of people are not affected by it. Everyone is affected by a bullet. If you use a gun its best to get the best defense ammo you can find. There have been some good advancements in ammo over the years.

  • iXav

    If you can run, that will be the best option. Even if you have a gun and you shoot the assailant, taking another human life can also cause side effects like PTSD, similar to what happened to soldiers.

    If the idiot is trying to kill you, then, I would rather kill than be killed.

  • Rocketman123

    Gee what a nice happy thread.

    I'm beginning to think there are a lot clinically depressed people on the forum these days.

    Must be the Covid blues .

  • FedUpJW

    You have to be willing to kill.

    Agreed. My father who served in the United States Army pre-JW was the one who taught me firearm safety and use. He was a multiple decorated soldier who served in Korea during some of the bloodiest fighting. He was also a military trained sniper. I cannot count the times he drilled it into me that you NEVER draw a weapon unless you are willing to pull the trigger, and you NEVER pull the trigger unless you intend to kill what you are aiming at. Of course shooting range practice does not involve killing anything other than several hundred rounds of ammunition per year. But you are right, it takes a learned mind-set to actually be willing to use a firearm for self-defense, and not everyone is capable of that.

    If you use a gun its best to get the best defense ammo you can find.

    Again, I agree. I use what I consider the best available hollow-point PDA I can find in my ACP carry mags. They will expand and fragment and not just go through and keep going to God only knows where.

    Nothing beats being wise and avoiding situations and places that you really don't want to be in.

    And that is why people should learn "Situational Awareness". It is said, "With great power, comes great responsibility"; and for anyone who chooses to carry a weapon of self defense they need to know they have great power (over life and death) and accept the great responsibility that attaches as a result. Do what must be done to avoid situations that will put them in the spot of making that choice, but be ready to make it and accept the consequences of their choice if they find themselves in a situation that demands action.

  • Steel

    If my life is in danger, i am prepare to kill.

    If someone is stealing my car stereo , i am not going shoot someone over a material procession .

    I have a 22 semi auto with a 30 shot banana clip in the closet for the meth heads. Kind of a glorified pellet gun . I keep a 12 gauge handy if the someone gets in the house and shit gets real. I don’t need an AR because i don’t plan on getting in any fire fights with the mexican cartels.

    Sure be fun to have an FN-FAL though.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Its a tough question to answer because it depends on so many factors and is situational.

    Everyone has a hollywood- style, preconceived idea of what they would do given ideal circumstances.

    Most self-defence instructors will tell you to give them what they want, if they are after money and hope they go away. If they dont go away, then you need a plan B, which may involve fighting back, maybe fighting for your life, using obstacles or running way, trying to get your hands on an improvised weapon or shield, or a firearm. Then, you need to know a little bit about using that weapon effectively and in a way that the attacker cant take it off you.

    I think self- defence should be taught at schools and is a life skill everyone should have, like defensive driving.

  • kramer

    All you Americans carrying guns when you are going out to buy bread , and bragging about it!! Now wonder thousands of you end up killing each other with them! Crackpots!

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