Who make up the new memorial partakers?

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  • waton
    What makes it worse is that they withhold the memorial and the partaking of the emblems from 7-8 million people

    V: make that 20, and Did not other religions do that too. like only serving the bread to the r&f ?

  • Biahi

    I’ll bet that there is a larger number of witnesses that go home after the memorial and partake privately.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    A good question to ask but I'm not sure that we are any clearer as to who the newbies are in the heavenly class.

    Some are Bible literalists who disagree with the Watchtower but remain under its umbrella. They are waiting for the next upheaval and fracturing of the organisation into yet more sects. Already there are outside groups who happily attract and absorb the ex JW theists.

    Others might be the most earnest supporters of the idea that God will shortly destroy this bothersome "old world". That is those who cannot soon enough get far away from worldly cares, to bask in unspeakable bliss, i.e the most needy of existential hope and the least realistic?

    The main thing which strikes me about the confusion today as to the identity of 'the anointed', is that every JW doctrine has a limited shelf life.

    At one time it was clear; there were the "anointed" and there were "Jonadabs" alias "friends of the bridegroom". Laughable now but the present ambiguity truly undermines the credibility of a religion which professes uniquely to have God's direction.

    .....Or does it help matters to live with Post Modern values in a post-truth, post Christian world under the sublime direction of a confused and erratic God?

  • Hisclarkness


    I understand what you’re saying but I believe most of these new partakers are partaking DESPITE WT teachings and not in support of them.

    Already the number of partakers has grown so much that it has forced WT to abandon their teaching that the number should be dwindling as a sign of the closeness of the end. And WT was teaching that as late as the early 2000s.

    These partakers are not concerned with WT rules or 144,000 theology. They are simply making their faith publicly known.

    And yes, there are many MORE who partake privately at home. I also know some of these people.

  • DesirousOfChange

    All of the "new partakers" that with whom I am acquainted have some kind of mental illness, typically bi-polar disorder. One symptom of bi-polar (when one is manic) is feeling "godlike". What more for a JW to feel "godlike" than to be one of the very few handpicked by God to serve over all other creation?

    Note that all of the current GB qualify as "new partakers" in that, none were even born before 1935, let alone began partaking by then.

  • dozy

    I have often wondered about the mechanics of JWs becoming "anointed". Presumably it is a kind of "born again" style psychosis as explained here https://www.huffpost.com/entry/christian-belief-through_b_216364

    But it often doesn't seem as emotionally charged - it is as if the individual has "a strong feeling" that they are chosen without the kind of emotional fanfare. And as other posters have said - rather than being encouraged by the Society , it is positively discouraged and other JWs are , at best , usually somewhat unimpressed by the person becoming "anointed". Maybe it is a kind of "born again lite".

  • JoenB75
    The double talk about teaching the Bible truths and then adding new doctrine goes back to Russell. Nothing in the Bible about a created creator called Michael, two classes of believers, day setting, a millenium in which all the dead would go to teocratic school if they had not before and later be examined or Jesus speaking of a current generation that would watch for signs.
  • Hisclarkness

    When I was still attending meetings about 6 years ago there were 3 partakers in my congregation, myself included.

    I started to partake because I simply came to understand that that was my obligation as a Christian and follower of Jesus.

    The second partaker was an elder who had also started to partake the same year I did. It turned out that he had been partaking privately for about 5 years previously had had come to the same conclusions that I had reached.

    The third partaker was a very well respected older brother who had been partaking since at least the 80s that I know of. He was also a Bethelite in the late 70s to early 80s. Imagine my surprise when I went over to his house one afternoon to talk about partaking and he confessed to me that he had been feeling the same way all these years. It turns out he was part of that “rogue” group in Bethel during the Ray Franz scandal but managed to come through unscathed. He’s remained a faithful witness all these years and would never confess a thing to a single soul unless he knew he could trust you.

    Well, once our congregation had three partakers all of a sudden, the elders went on a witch-hunt and formulated some crazy story that we had all conspired together to undermine WT by partaking. The elder, not backing down, was disfellowshipped. I walked away (quick fade) and never went back, and the older respected brother moved to a different congregation. A couple of years later the congregation was dissolved.

    I also know a brother who was in our congregation years ago who later switched to a Chinese congregation before moving to China as a missionary serving underground. I’ve been in contact with him since his move and he too is a partaker, having come to the very same conclusions as all of us.

    My mother, who is still an active witness, is a partaker for these same reasons. She came to the same conclusions a couple of years after I did. And she too faced backlash from her congregation.

    I’m telling you guys, many of these partakers are not crazy. They are just following the scriptures.

  • KingJehu1

    A usernamed vidqun keeps mentioning this dead point below

    " What makes it worse is that they withhold the memorial and the partaking of the emblems from 7-8 million people and all those before them. Jesus made it clear: “Accordingly Jesus said to them, Most truly I say to YOU, Unless YOU eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, YOU have no life in yourselves (John 6:53 NWT).”

    Focus on the UNLESS you eat , have you ? Good!

    If am right, this will mean anyone who doesn't partake of emblem cannot have life Or gain everlasting life. If you are correct , I want an answer : Why would the thief on Jesus side who didn't eat the emblem be promised life in Paradise ?? Emphasis on " UNLESS YOU "


  • Vanderhoven7


    The answer is that Jesus words are Spirit and they are life. His body and blood are to be consumed means that we must personally appropriate by faith that his body was broken for us and for our healing and that his blood alone cleanses us from sin.

    This metaphorical view is developed more fully at


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