Is the JW Broadcasting having good results for the Org?

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  • thewalker

    When speaking with brothers, I can see they really like the JW.ORG site more than magazines and books. I can imagine them publishing more and more articles and news as it's more dynamic and creates a sense of alert with brothers looking for new articles to read instead of the boring monthly magazines.

    But when it comes to the JW Broadcasting, it's something different. Even elders admit they aren't watching the monthly broadcastings. When it all started, an evening was reserved in the KH to have an informal meeting to watch it together. 4 congregations were invited but it was a complete fiasco for the ├╝ber-spiritual elder who organised it: no more than 15 brothers attended (and most of them were old sisters with no internet at home). Next month, 5 attended and some months later it was cancelled.

    Some brothers have told me it's embarrasing to watch and that it hurts their faith so they decided not to watch it. They are ministerial servants, elders and pioneers, I mean the kind of people who are completely loyal to the Organisation.

    But watching it from the other side of the Atlantic, it seems like a parody of some American televangelist. The brothers were mocking the songs and the way the GB Members speak. Even the translation sounds ridiculous since they use South American brothers to translate it and it really sounds bizarre to listen here in Spain (some brothers even call it the "WT accent"). So now, it's almost impossible to hear brothers speaking about the Broadcasting.

    It's one of the things that increased my doubts these last months. It was embarrasing to sit down to watch "that".

    Don't know if it's something cultural but I find it disturbing that the Organisation continues with that arrangement even knowing brothers in other parts of the world are not really enthusiasts of it.

    What is your perception of it? Is it having more success with US brothers or is it just something local in my area?

  • nicolaou

    This is a good topic and I hope you get more responses to it. I can't really comment on reaction within the congregations as I've been out for so long but I completely recognise the issue of perception that you've raised.

    Yes, from a British perspective JW Broadcasting comes across as tacky American televangelism.

    Long may it continue!

  • oppostate

    It is painful to watch the online broadcasts. in the latest explanation of the overlapping generation teaching the Bethel brother sounds very nervous and inexperienced

    I kinda feel bad for the guy having to go over this nonsense material. What a bunch of bull, and he tries to keep a serious face throughout. He even calls Splane's "explanation" of the overlapping generation "masterful", the brown noser!!!

    You said it, thewalker, it is indeed "disturbing" that the 0rganization keeps putting this trash as "spiritual food" for the proper time. It's well past the due date on that label, and needs to be discarded.

  • nicolaou

    I don't mind getting dislikes for my posts but I'm honestly perplexed by that last one. Lol, maybe some tacky American took exception to my conjunction of the words 'tacky' and 'American'.

  • stuckinarut2

    No doubt! From an Aussie viewpoint, the broadcasts are just plain old weird!

  • Divergent

    Nicolaou... misclick, perhaps? Did that unintentionally a couple of times while on a smartphone

    JW Broadcasting? I think it's great! Everytime something crazy is aired or a GB member says something stupid, it would get people thinking. The overlapping generations teaching is something which stumbled many, hence the org sees the need to explain it repeatedly. Problem is - the more they attempt to do so, the more people would see that it makes no sense! Great job indeed!

  • done4good

    Not much to add other than this is one of most cognitive dissonance inducing moves the organization has made in a long time, perhaps ever. It is no wonder that the diehards will not watch it. It can only hurt their perception of the GB, and the organization as a whole.

    A message to the GB, keep doing this:

    1. Asking for money.

    2. Finding clever ways to take people's money.

    3. Showing yourselves as frequently as possible on the broadcasts. Your sycophants just love your beaming faces.

    4. Continue to show how out of touch you are with real world concerns.

    This will be the WT's undoing. It is already happening.


  • WingCommander
    Please, please! Show us more of TOMO III, and Get-Bent Lett!! We just loooooove seeing those dumbasses make fools of themselves! Also, more 'splaining from Splain! He's so "intelligent."
  • TheWonderofYou

    So it seems like that watching the broadcast is free or is the attendance noticed?

    If someone is afraid of talking about the new items in "last monthly broadcast" it could be only because one didn watch it at all, because of some reason one doesnt like it, or one doesnt like watchting TV at all or prefers other TV shows.

    Would this be a good entry for a talk or would you get in danger that?

    " Hi, did you watch the latest broadcast"?

    "Errrmm,brother I didnt have time to watch, but i think this weekend we will do it at home, Why?"

    "Oh, I like the point that Bro...made about the "shift" in the "slapping sorry lapping generation", it s not important at all, it seems that only me watches every monthly edition HA, perhaps because I like watching series at all."

    'Really, do you watch many series, which do you like"?

    "..Besides .... I like WOL most, but did you know Tthat?"

    "What is "W-O-L"?

    "The Online library, really great tool, but I mean did you know TTHAtttt hmmm the broadcast is not so much successful as they wanted it to be, brothers from Europe told me TTHAttt they find it strange to hear the brothers talk in american english?"

    "Ahh, really, Thatttt is interesting, perhaps the monthly broadcast is only a test and will be ceased if people are not attending but the videos on demand could be much better too, you know what i mean, THATT is interesting.

    "Why are you saying "Thatt"..... do you think that the slave has bet on the wrong horse?"

    "No, no that could not be, but they will certainly make neceseary adapation if that is necessary ...sometimes"

    "if THATT should ever be true, i would be not so much disappointed, we will see, JHWH will provide us with the best education always".. only THATT is 100 % secure.

    "Eeeemm Brother, you shouldnt use the wordl THAT so often because it sound somehow strange to here from your lips."

    "Why, is it the pronouncation I am no mother tongue speaker you know?"

    "No it is because there is a rumor, you know, i must not tell about it because I only heard it was told to some upper, but it sounds very interesting"

    "Whatttt do you meeeeaaan?"

    "That a new generation will take over soon the leadership in the organisation, they know about the truth and they use the term "That" as distinctive mark".

    "Oh really, i didnt know that, but sound like some of us are really brave and are awoken. I trust full in Jehovah TTHAT he will bring us the best future ever - did you ever doubt anything?

    "Oh yes often and many things ... you know that ...I dont understand why we are not allowed to act according to our christian conscience but are always watchted by the elders, i should say that, but is is over-jugded and over..... the heart is missing... perhaps I shouldnt say that, but even talking about any doubts is not allowed because you could have soon get a visit by the elders.... I think THATT is really a problem. But I love Jehovah."

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Next month "Splaining Splane" will lovingly provide us all with a masterful explanation of the "current understanding" of Jehovah's viewpoint on blood fractions...

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