We in the UK are dealing with COVID all wrong

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  • notsurewheretogo

    The death rate of COVID may be small to an average person but its a new disease that can easily spread and is lethal to certain groups of people.

    Without lockdown vast amounts of those people would be dead...lockdown saved lives.

    But it seems all hopes are pinned on a vaccination otherwise it would simply be a pattern of lockdowns and at some point you have to then weigh up the high risk of COVID to these groups versus the detriment to the economy.

    Fact is we are only in a second lockdown in the UK, there is progress on a vaccination and thousands if not millions all round the world in those high risk groups are still alive.

    My sister (cancer) and elderly parents would certainly be dead if it were not for the lockdowns.

    IMO Schools being open makes no sense....kids do not exhibit symptoms but potentially can spread it to the high risk groups.

  • slimboyfat

    Johnson only ordered lockdowns when his incompetence resulted up in a situation where he had no viable alternative. What would you have done? Allow hospitals to be overrun? What would that kind of societal breakdown have done for the economy?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    What would you suggest Slim ?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Allow hospitals to be overrun? - you keep saying this as if it would be a certainty if we did anything else other than a second national lockdown.

    As I've said, several times, only the vulnerable groups should social distance, isolate, wear masks.

    Everyone else should live their lives as normal.

    Pubs, clubs, shops, etc., should all be open.

  • Simon

    I think the measure should be "excess deaths".

    Sorry, but people are going to die one way or another. Why have exactly the same number or more deaths and at the same time, cripple your economy? And some of the deaths being caused by lockdown are likely postponed so the true number will not be apparent as it will lag somewhat.

    I think we're in a situation now where there is little clear evidence for the efficacy of lockdowns and mask wearing but the politicians and the "experts" have imposed so many already that they now can't stand up and say "oh, actually, we were wrong - thanks for screwing your lives and isolating yourselves for nothing".

    Instead, they are doubling down, and will then use vaccines as the get-out to declare themselves saviours who got us all to the other side.

    If someone is at a higher risk because they are obese, that's their problem. Too bad, so sad, shouldn't have had those extra cakes. The rest of society shouldn't have to fall on their swords to avoid the simple truth that some people are unhealthy by their own choice.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Fact is we are only in a second lockdown in the UK - anyone know how many billions of pounds the two lockdowns have cost us so far?

    How many small businesses have collapsed because of the two lockdowns?

    Long term, we can't treat COVID and other diseases without a strong, thriving economy.

  • Rivergang
    kids do not exhibit symptoms but potentially can spread it to the high risk groups.

    Wasn't that always the quickest and most certain way of introducing an infectious disease into the house?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Schools being open makes no sense - WTF?!

    Schools must be open. Education is very, very important. This should really go without saying.

    Kids may not exhibit symptoms and they may still spread the virus, but then it should be up to the vulnerable groups to protect themselves.

    Instead of common sense and rational procedure, what we've got is the nanny state interfering, not letting adults make rational decisions, closing down shops and putting our economy in stasis.

    It's doing billions of pounds of damage.

  • bennyk
    A recent study from UK researchers showed that requiring people to wear face masks all the time could be enough to contain an outbreak — no lockdown necessary. The more people wore masks, the researchers found, the closer a community could get to containing its outbreak.
    "These results are striking in that the benefits accrue to the face mask wearer as well as to the population as a whole," the researchers wrote. "There is, therefore, a clear incentive for people to adopt face mask wearing."


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    The only person i know personally that tested positive was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties three and a half weeks ago.

    She was discharged home today.

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