Our fade-gossip-elders calling

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  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde
    @leaving_quietly: your situation is similar to me but I'm a female, i stop going to FS in June, any calls? Nope, I stopped going to weekly mtg in Oct, any calls, contact from elders? Nope, I rarely attend the WT mtg since Nov, any calls, texts? Nope, nothing, nada.... They just don't care honestly, it's all about performance & show to them, do good, show good or we don't care for you.... now I see how much their "love of sheparding the sheep" really is .... oh but wait!! if they hear a rumor of "wrong doing" they won't hesitate to get a hold of you & harass you to meet with them ASAP... "by their fruits you will know them" .... definitely true....

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