Brother Hitting on Df'd Brothers Wife at KH

by poopie 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • Vidiot
    waton - "In the name of holy association..."

    Your post reads like the narration of a wildlife documentary.

  • Vidiot
    Pete Zahut - "...There is also to be found an extra ability to thoroughly convince oneself of imagined realities."

    Gosh, I wonder how that happened? :smirk:

  • flipper

    This is just another incidence of how the WT Society through it's indoctrination causes JW's to NOT honor proper personal boundaries. It's really what mind control cults do. I subscribe to Notjustyet's suggestion to put poison Ivy or poison Oak extract in the lotion- might teach this single guy a valuable lesson- or not. Still it serves the purpose to show him to keep away from this lady who has a husband and who doesn't want to be bothered.

    But like others have mentioned here- I saw this kind of behavior thousands of times within the JW organization when I was in it for 44 years. It's disrespectful and ridiculous that JW authority driven men who view themselves as " superior " to women cannot respect a female the way well balanced men in the real world do. I blame the WT cult indoctrination

  • raven

    I'm sorry but.. what the heck?!

  • baker

    Iv noticed lotion in the bathroom lately, and mistook it for hand cleaner, my bad.

  • TD


    But to just equate asking for lotion with flirting is a far stretch.

    You're either a very good man or naive (Or both.)

    Either way, you're not understanding how a scumbag will attempt to dismantle a married woman's boundaries, brick by brick.

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