Attempted arson Kingdom Hall Australia Feb 9 2016

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  • burnedout

    Blonde, yes I think the KH bombing was around 1985. I was up late that night in Florida listening to my shortwave radio and was excited that I could hear Radio Australia. When I heard about the bombing I woke up my Dad to tell him. IIRC, the bomb was under the stage and the brother giving the talk when it exploded was thrown some distance but not severely injured.

    Why must people do things like this?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    **The unfortunate situation here is. Even if this was an exjw, this will only reinforce the active JW's within that hall.**

    This will ratchet down the fear of the local delusional, paranoid JWs who think satan is trying to destroy their house of worship. Delusional and paranoid JWs who it will strengthen their resolve the big A is imminent.

  • sparrowdown

    The cases I know of where this happened the offenders turned out to be.

    In one incident it was a return visit.

    In one incident it was someone who had studied on and off for years.

    And in another it was the unbelieving boyfriend of local woman who was studying.

    There was another one as well which involved graffiti turned out to be ex-husband of a sister who lost access to his kids.

  • Divergent
    An opposing husband in South Korea torched a hall during a meeting in the mid 90's. Around 20 JW's died

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