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  • little witch
    little witch

    Marilyn Monroe shot Kennedy!

    Sorry for the levity.... I should expound on my privious statements. I feel that Kennedy has gotten more popular as time went on. I did not mean that he was an un popular president. I didnt word that right.

    I just meant that because of his assassination, that his popularity grew larger.

    Kennedy was killed a year before I was born, and my knowledge is therefore based in investigations into history. I have read alot on the Kennedy Clan, their personal lives, rise to power, etc. And I must say, it is shaded.

    One book that I read was "The Kennedy Women". What a tragic tale.

    Now onto trust in Government...I do trust my government to properly investigate the assassination of our countries leader. I dont think that was taken lightly. The bastard that shot our President would be found and dealt with, I should think the country called out for the blood of the murderer. I trust that the Warren Commission was created to do the utmost justice. The country demanded justice.

    Perhaps if Jack Ruby hadnt taken matters into his own hands, this sense of justice denied would not have occured. As a whole, I feel that the truth would have come out in court, and Oswald would have been executed, and we as a nation would have been healed. Instead, we must investigate in hind site, which opens the door to all manner of speculation.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    What's interesting is to watch one of the Kennedy programs through the eyes of a child. Jennie, our 10 year old, is becoming fascinated with the idea that something historically important happened in Dallas. It blew her mind when I told her we had driven through Dealey Plaza on the exact same street as Kennedy a hundred times or more. She's dying to go downtown and see the sixth floor and the grassy knoll.

    By the way, just watching a couple of programs, including Frontline last night, she thinks Oswald did not act alone.

  • Sentinel

    Thanks Little Witch; very well written. And the bottom line is, we will probably never know the real truth, because "they" do not mean for us to know. The same goes with the UFO's, etc. They feed us enough material to keep us from starving.

    Did anyone remember hearing the moderator from Histories Mysteries who said that a "spokesperson", said he had overhead a statement directly from Pres.Kennedy, right as they were getting into the limo, and he stated that Kennedy himself said: '..Well, this is nut town, and they probably have a shooter up in one of those buildings'. I have to tell you, when I heard those words, I felt an eerie chill. I had never heard that before.

    Also, despite everything, how could Oswald or anyone else have known that the motorcade would make a last minute change in the route? To set up for something like this, would have taken so much accurate planning as to range and sitting and position--something that could never have been changed at the last minute. If there were different shooters set up at various places, that could be covered, right? But the route for the drive was changed; a president was shot and killed. That confirms to me that many others high up in power were in on this incident.

    Why would those chilling words "they're killing US ALL" be said by Connally and Jacqueline, as witnessed by Mrs. Connally?? Did they expect something to happen--but not the way it went down? I think the president had lived at death's door for so long, and that's why he lived his life on the edge. After watching the show about the family and all his major illnesses, and pressure from his domineering parents, no wonder he had the attitudes he did about fidelity and unpopular decisions. He lived for the day. He wasn't supposed to have survived for as long as he did, as outlined in a very interesting and eye-opening medical review that appeared in a recent Reader's Digest.---especially that he had chronic venarial disease.

    He was never faithful to Jacqueline, even while courting her. At one point when he was running for President, she left him and was contemplating divorce, because of his flagrant affairs. The old man Kennedy reportedly begged her not to ruin "his image" and paid her one million dollars to stay with Jack. He paid off the media and the mob, to get his boy in as well. She took the money and kept her mouth shut, and learned to knuckle under the man, like all the other Kennedy wifes and sisters. Money is power in this country. What a sad way to live.

    When I was younger, I never knew about the affairs and the actual blunders he made politically. He was young and charismatic and very popular. He gave good speeches, and was always smiling. Like so much of life, we never really know what is "underneath" do we. Many people in great power have done similar things--and continue to do them. I suppose this is the nature of mankind.

  • Yerusalyim

    I still think it was an unsanctioned hit by the Mafia...Joe Bonnano idicates as much in his last book. The Mafia got him the Democratic Nomination...and they were pissed by the activities of Bobby.

  • Yerusalyim

    I still think it was an unsanctioned hit by the Mafia...Joe Bonnano idicates as much in his last book. The Mafia got him the Democratic Nomination...and they were pissed by the activities of Bobby.

    Darned double posting, burned my last thread. HEY SIMON what do I have to do to get my priveleges back?

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