Thanks to this forum 14 years ago I broke free

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  • Happeanna

    I belonged to this forum for about 5 years ; 14 years ago and made many good online friends here.

    it became my new family for awhile and I am very grateful for all the help I received.

    For the first time in 10 years I went into a KH for a funeral, bearing in mind it was at the hall where my husband had been the presiding overseer and regular pioneer for many many years.

    they were very surprised that I remembered all their names and was confident and happy.

    someone said so are you back in the truth, I said simply ! Yes I have my truth, thanks.

    The elder in question said " well time will tell ?"and I said yes it has hasn't it, but we aren't in competition.

  • dorayakii

    It's a coincidence, I haven't logged into this forum for a good while, but it went through my mind and thought I'd log back in to check up of things.

    I joined about 12 years ago and was active for about 3 years (from 2004 to 2007). I'm grateful for the support that the forum offered me all those years ago.

    Now I'm more active on the Facebook groups as well as organising meetups, tours and film screenings. If anyone is interested, please add me on Facebook (under the email: [email protected]) or join

  • zeb
    'but we aren't in competition' beautifully put.
  • Alive!

    'but we aren't in competition'

    Lovely. I love this :-)

  • jwfacts
    " well time will tell ?"and I said yes it has hasn't it

    Everything you wrote was quotable, but that really was brilliant. What a wit you have.

  • John Free
    John Free
    I left the borg just 8 months ago and was traumatised and low in confidence. That is changing as I discover my individuality but its great to hear from people like yourself, whom have tread on this road and are happier and confident. They expect exborg to be miserable and shattered. My entire intellectual intuition was telling me this can't be the truth, and I recognised WT material was using unethical psychological manipulation on members and that led me out, still JWfacts was so important for me as it maps out why it can't be truth- it uses WT publications to destroy the concept of WT being the true religion. Thanks Paul!
  • jambon1

    They hate it when you are happy and confident.

    the only thing they want to hear is that you're miserable/suffering somehow.

    Queer wee bunch of people.

  • ToesUp

    "They hate it when you are happy and confident.

    the only thing they want to hear is that you're miserable/suffering somehow."

    You are 100% correct with this statement.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They hate it when you are happy and confident.

    the only thing they want to hear is that you're miserable/suffering somehow.

    The greatest revenge is living a happy and successful life!

    Good luck, anna


  • Happeanna

    Thank you all for your comments

    i also saw an old friend who taught me to garden at the Kingdom Hall when I was a teenager, I asked fondly after his fleshly brother , he said through tears don't talk to me about him he is disfellowshipped , My reply, whilst I held both his hands was. He is your brother you must love him, it's love that conquers and never fails, isn't it?

    they are dumbfounded by simplicity and honesty

    I don't want to sound immodest, but truthfully I felt stronger and wiser, more stable and rooted than any of them.

    There here were over 400 people at my mothers funeral, they all loved her dearly for which I am grateful for she was a beautiful human being innately wise and loving, which to be fair was mentioned by the elder giving the talk.

    it shocked a fair few when they asked am I going to return to the organisation , I said

    "no it might surprise you to know neither my mother or my father wanted me to"

    both served 'faithfully' for over 50 years",so maybe it just might make a few genuine ones there think.

    it was in 1994, that I mentally left the JW's another 7 years to completely leave physically and another 7 to rebuild myself. I went to university and studied philosophy , it took time to make lovely friends, and get my children grounded and happy after the brain washing of their formative years.

    Nowadays I don't even consider myself an ex witness which is another milestone.

    going back to the Kingdom Hall and being mentally and emotionally strong shook them

    I remained loving and respectful to everyone throughout the day and my beautiful now adult children did the same

    i am proud of whom we have become ; my 5 siblings are still strong pioneer types but during these last few weeks they have turned to me and my children for comfort and support.

    if you are in the process of leaving JW's be reassured it can be done and successfully but it takes time and effort and support from forums like this, and digging deep into your self and finding the new authentic personality that resides in you,

    It really is the that innate truth that sets you free

    thank you to Simon and his wife that set this forum up many years ago

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