Thanks to this forum 14 years ago I broke free

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  • David_Jay

    While I didn't get to this site until about five or more years after I left in 1995, I can say that reading it did help me too. I have occasionally visited over the years but just started posting today.

    Yes, you can make a successful life after the Watchtower. I did pretty much find a new life immediately upon leaving. I had such a horrible time within, so it was a relief to leave. I felt immediately free and, despite missing a few people a little bit (most who I learned left also over the years), I really had no worries or problems.

    A few of my now-ex-JW friends have actually been too ashamed to make contact due to the way they treated me while they were Witnesses (which is too bad because I am so over anything from the past), but those I have reconnected with have managed to build quite a life for themselves as well.

    Sites like this one can be definitely be helpful. I too tip my hat to Simon and all the others who have published on here through the years. I would not have been as successful in my life had I not seen there were others like me who left the Watchtower behind as well.

  • TheListener

    Great reply to the people at the KH Happeanna! I will try to remember it for my own use at this year's memorial (it's the only meeting I still attend with my wife).

    David_Jay great to have you on the board and to see you posting. I totally agree with what you said about reconnecting with other ex-witnesses that we used to know. I remember finding it really hard to approach other ex-witnesses that were my good friends that were disfellowshipped. I was embarrassed about how I treated them. They were forgiving, loving and kind and our friendship continues.

  • Gorbatchov
    They told me at the memorial "so tou found the road to the hall again". Whahaha

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