This is Just getting Ridiculous and out of hand with the Borg

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  • MrsR-Awaken

    Saw this on Reddit it was posted by user Morgan_Sparlock

    To me honestly this would of been prohibited 10 years ago, but now every Dub is obsessed with this website, it's everywhere even a damn iPhone cover... ooh they don't approve of idolatry ooh no they don't accept cross veneration thats bullshit to me!!! Its getting to a point that they are venerating this website (Company Logo) it's their version of the cross. Definitely not the religion I grew up in. I guess since no one is saying this is wrong they went all out with putting the logo everywhere.

  • MrsR-Awaken

    More to see here aswell

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Vomit worthy.
  • baker
    make a counter button with
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Nothing surprises me anymore.
  • ScenicViewer
    The photo in the OP looks slightly Christmasy, doesn't it?
  • zeb

    "it's their version of the cross."

    I agree and it comes when people are denied so much that something like the logo turns up they go silly with it.

    I remember a wt question to the wts about using the tetragrammaton on cars or on jewellry the answer was "Noooo" of course but this org thing has become outright idolatry. Lets see how long it lasts.

  • JeffT

    I just googled "Dee Dee's Creations" I don't think there is any connection with JW's, except maybe separating them from their money. The website features birthday and Christmas items among other things. I suspect somebody noticed she was seeing "JW.Org" all over the place and ran with it.

    Serves the JW's right if their too dumb to know they're being taken for a ride. Back in the day the Society would have told the R&F to stay away from this stuff no matter who made it. Now, I'm not so sure.

  • MrsR-Awaken

    Yes I agree with you JeffT

    And I remember a couple years back that in our Local Needs talk of the month they were saying that it was innapropiate to sale stuff to brothers that had to do with field service like notebooks with the text on it and those watchtower holders ect.... because we can't be using theocratic stuff to gain money and they used the illustration when Jesus was in the Temple and he cleansed it of all the people that were gaining money out of the Israelites.... anyway either way even if it's not a Jw that's selling or making all this stuff with the Logo, any blind JDub will purchase this just cause ooohh look the JW.ORG (they have that need to be promoting this everywhere) I just want to see how far this is gonna get. But to me this is filthy trash. I'm so happy I woke up.

  • naazira
    Hold your phone to your ear, let your phone case do the witnessing. Win them over without a word!

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