Do you need Art and Music in your life?

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  • Splash

    Bloody hell Punk!!

    You can shred!!

  • punkofnice
    Splash3 minutes agoBloody hell Punk!!
    You can shred!!

    thank you. Being raised a JW I spent a lot of time on my own. No friends. No nothing. What else was I to do? I sat and played my geeeeeeetar

  • flipper

    I definitely relate to music indeed. Watching Punk's you tubes makes me want to go across the water and jam with him ! Music is a healing force for me for sure as I write songs , perform and play guitar and sing as well. Just purchased a 1920's mandolin from an antique store that my local music shop in town fixed up very nicely for me. Learning to play the different chords on the mandolin now- totally different chords than a guitar. Interesting educational process.

    Love art as well - used to collect old original 1920's scenery prints from artists like R. Atkinson Fox and Maxfield Parrish- we still have a lot of them hanging on our walls of western scenery, mountains, hunting prints, fishing prints , Native American prints, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, etc. Collected from 1998 - 2011 or so- ran out of wall space to hang them ! LOL ! Got some good deals on really old prints. Beautiful scenes in art are healing as well. Thanks for starting this thread ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • punkofnice
    flipper - Watching Punk's you tubes makes me want to go across the water and jam with him !

    Never rule this out. I'd love to jam with you. I love music and art. Here's some 'art' I made earlier...................

  • mgmelkat
    I love music and art. I make my living from painting and it's a full time job for me - supplying several galleries with my work. I started earning money from painting when I was pioneering more than 15yrs ago. It suited the lifestyle. But then when I quit pioneering due to depression, sisters would make snarky comments about how can I go have an exhibition and do all that painting when I can't even pioneer.
  • maksutov

    I also like to draw and play guitar. I don't know how I would cope without my guitar.

    Here's me doing both:

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    PUNK! You rock! so talented! Glad you made it out to be your true self! We would love to see you and Flipper play together!

    Music is so fun! My art? dancing to the music!

    Maksutov, you also play beautifully, love your guitar, and what a great artist, video composer also!

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