Do you need Art and Music in your life?

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  • Giordano
    Yes to both! First came the drums.....jazz drumming for years. Later I embraced photography became good enough to sell my images in gallerias and on the art show circuit. For thirty years that's how I made my living.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Punk you really made starting this thread worthwhile.😄.

    The Rebel.

  • GodZoo

    Absolutely.. from the day I was born music has been my second air. I'm deeply involved in several other creative arts at professional level but music is boss. A month ago I just bought this and am on it least 6 hours a day. Music is what keeps me sane and balanced and grounded and always has..

    Yup..7 strings..

  • truthseeker100
  • kairos

    I'm a performing Jazz Trombonist.

    Things have really taken off since my departure to freedom.

    From a 4th of July public community performance.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Got to have art and music. My granddaughter started playing double bass in 6th grade and progressed rapidly but was strongly discouraged by her father. He didn't want to disrupt meeting attendance or let her have any other interests, oh that would have been criminal. So after age 14, when she escaped the JW world and got to live with her mom, she learned fast and well. She just found out she made all-state. She's in school orchestra and community youth orchestra, first chair!

    Last summer she attended a music camp at a college. Then she got to go this past October to represent her school at a music festival in Clarksville, TN. She's getting offers from several different bands and orchestras including jazz bands. She's working hard and having a ball. Hoping to go through college on a bass scholarship.

    My husband is a drummer and started painting a few years ago. He loves all kinds of music. I play chords and strum on the guitar every morning so i don't lose the ability. My beads and wire jewelry is a type of artwork, i guess, but i can't paint.

    I love to see paintings in museums and online. Do you remember on the Mash tv show, Nurse Kelly? kellyesart dot com -She is a fantastic artist in California. I also love Ford Smith's art, he is in Atlanta now. fordsmithfineart dot com -The colors he makes are unbelievable.

    Very fun subject for me, thanks!


  • Bugslife
    Music, I like to sing and am going to learn to play the guitar. My mom always said that when I listen to music I'm in another world.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Thanks for the replys, particularly " Iown Mylife"

    Anyway just to conclude the thread, I have noted many on this board have used their writing talent as a sign of resistance and to voice their freedom from the W.T. I have therefore concluded when life becomes a weary pain, all forms of artistic expression are of immense value in elevating the human spirit.

    The Rebel.

  • punkofnice
    The Rebel2 days agoPunk you really made starting this thread worthwhile.😄.

    Why, thank you.

    Sorry about this madness.........I am just a show off.............

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    PUNK even if the W.T kicked you in the head when you were down," threads like this make me happy, and when you sing I don't see you frown" That's your two fingers to the W.T.

    The Rebel.

    p.s If people like you remained elders, people like me would still remain" Blockheads"

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